James Gunn’s Multi-Year Plan For The DCU Will Soon Be Revealed

James Gunn again took to Twitter, debunking rumors about the length of his DCU plans, confirming he has 10 years mapped out and will be revealing the first few years of movies soon.

By Mark McKee | Published

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With all the turmoil that fans of the DC superhero properties have endured over the last decade, from a Henry Cavill Superman roller-coaster to a disastrous debacle between actors, directors, and studio execs throughout multiple projects, some fans are ready for a fresh start. Warner Bros. Discovery is providing that fresh start by tapping superhero genre wunderkind James Gunn and Peter Safran to head up their revamped franchise, the DCU. While the process started off rocky, with the cancelation of Wonder Woman 3 and the dismissal of Henry Cavill, there is some movement on news as Gunn reveals, according to Comic Book Resource, they will announce the first few years of his plan this month. 

According to the report, Twitter blew up when a fan recounted a story by Variety that Gunn’s new plan for the franchise only covers three years instead of the reported decade. The Twitter post also referenced the rumor that the studio is considering keeping Ezra Miller on board as The Flash, despite the long list of controversies the actor has faced. James Gunn responded to the Tweet by saying he didn’t know what was going on with Miller but that his plan covers ten years, but they will only reveal the first three by the end of January. 

There is no word on what James Gunn is planning for the new DCU, but there have been little clues here and there, including the desire to focus on a younger Superman, which led to the dismissal of Henry Cavill, and that Gal Gadot isn’t necessarily out as Wonder Woman, just the current version of the character. We are still a few years away from his franchise beginning because some already greenlit films have to drop first, finishing out the old DCU with films like Shazam! Fury of the GodsBlue Beetle, the Joker sequel and Matt Reeves upcoming Batman follow up. Still, finding out what is next is the information fans need if the studio wants them to remain invested; which they are hanging on my thin threads. 

shazam 2
Zachary Levi in Shazam! Fury of the Gods

James Gunn isn’t new to the superhero genre, but he is the best combination of fresh newcomer and industry veteran, where directors like Joss Whedon, Zac Snyder, and the Russo Brothers have massive hits under their belt; Gunn is known for his Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy and rebooting (and virtually saving) the Suicide Squad. His film, The Suicide Squad, also ended up with a spinoff series on HBO Max following Peacemaker, played by John Cena. Fans can most likely expect his DCU to involve those characters, as they already have a home with the director. 

One of the aspects that makes James Gunn an excellent fit for the superhero genre is that he is fun, quirky, and likes to blow beyond the boundaries of conventional filmmaking. He will likely focus on the lesser-known characters, as he did with Guardians of the Galaxy and The Suicide Squad, mixed with some of the more prominent names like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Thanks to Gunn, fans will have at least some answers in the next few weeks about what the new DCU will look like.