James Gunn Adapting The Best Superman Story?

James Gunn is back with teasing photos on Twitter, as he showcased All-Star Superman, leaving speculation he could be adapting the comic.

By TeeJay Small | Published

James Gunn

James Gunn appears to be teasing fans with a possible All-Star Superman adaptation. The Guardians Of The Galaxy filmmaker and newly appointed creative head of DC studios is set to announce plans for the future of the Superman franchise this month, but not before sharing some highly intriguing morning routine photos via Twitter. The post in question shows Gunn flipping through his copy of All-Star Superman, which ran from 2005 to 2008, and serves as a fan-favorite outing for the Last Son of Krypton, with the caption “The secret to happiness is starting the morning with coffee and comic books.”

James Gunn is no stranger to the ravenous nature of comic book fans and their bloodhound style of sniffing out the slightest of Easter eggs and references. Therefore, it seems unlikely that, with the fate of the DC cinematic universe dangling in the air, James Gunn would post a Superman teaser like this for no reason. This reveal has thousands of fans going crazy on Twitter, hopeful that the source material will be in good hands after Gunn proved to be a smashing success adapting the likes of Guardians of the Galaxy and The Suicide Squad.

Grant Morrison’s All-Star Superman is widely regarded in the comic book community as one of the most quintessential works in the Superman catalog, leaving some commenters cautiously optimistic about Gunn’s photo. One Twitter user expressed uncertainty about James Gunn’s comic book knowledge, stating “Not sure whether I’m relieved Gunn is a fan of All-Star Superman or worried he’s only just started reading it.” To which James Gunn replied, “I’ve read it many, many times.”

all-star superman

The story features a radiation-poisoned Superman, weakened by the very sun which gives him strength, dying of overexposure. In the 12-issue comic run, Superman must contend with a series of heroic feats, referred to as the twelve labors of Superman, and attempt to make peace with the world despite his declining health. This heavy subject matter may be difficult to tackle in the hands of a director with fewer comic books, but it could be the perfect way for James Gunn to debut his Superman on the big screen.

While a 2011 animated film adaptation of the comic run premiered to mostly favorable reviews, fans are already jumping into James Gunn’s Twitter mentions suggesting possible live-action casting for the rumored All-Star Superman project. It was announced last month that Henry Cavill will be exiting the role as the Man of Steel, leaving the next chapter in the Superman franchise wide open for suggestion for the time being. The 2011 film is currently available to stream on HBO Max and boasts a Rotten Tomatoes score of 80%.

James Gunn reportedly has even bigger plans for the DC cinematic universe than a new Superman outing, as he announced plans to bring many of his Guardians Of The Galaxy cast over to DC with him, following his third and final volume in the franchise premiering this May. While it’s unclear what Gunn has planned for the gang, he stressed that he would love to work with each of them again, sparking casting rumors for a host of popular DC heroes. Clearly, James Gunn and his team are aligning the DC chess board for some major announcements in the coming weeks.