Kim Kardashian Says She Needs An Acting Coach To Be On American Horror Story

Kim Kardashian hired an acting coach before filming American Horror Story.

By Jonathan Klotz | Updated

In news that surprises absolutely no one, Kim Kardashian admitted in an interview with Variety that she’s enlisted the help of an acting coach for her scripted series debut this year. The eldest of the Kardashian sisters, she’ll be starring in American Horror Story, a franchise that has had acting powerhouses on it for years, but now entering Season 12, stunt casting is on the menu for relevancy. As the reality show star explains, “It’s really fun to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new and grow. I’m so excited for the experience.”

It’s easy to make fun of Kim Kardashian, but it’s also true that established stars use acting coaches all the time. Every role is different, except for Steven Seagal, but for everyone else, it’s a different experience they get onto the set. There’s no shame in getting a little extra help, especially when joining the cast of a long-running franchise with millions of fans, but then again, the Kardashians have been on television for over a decade now, which has to be complicating the transition to a scripted show.

Going from reality television which is mostly unscripted, to the tight Ryan Murphy scripts of American Horror Story can be compared to running a color run at the local YMCA and then deciding to run the Boston Marathon. Kim Kardashian is a successful businesswoman, a survivor of a scandal that, before her, would have destroyed anyone’s career, and now she’s one of the richest women in the world. But can she make audiences connect with a fictional character dealing with a devilish situation?

American Horror Story Season 12 is subtitled Delicate, and it’s based on the upcoming novel Delicate Condition by Danielle Valentine, described as being in the same vein as Rosemary’s Baby. What part Kim Kardashian will be playing is unknown, but the season has already started filming, and she’s not joining the production until next week, so she’s not the main focus of the season. Joining her for the latest chapter of the horror anthology will be Emma Roberts, Annabelle Dexter-Jones, Cara Delevigne, Matt Czurchy, and Odessa A’zion.

Former stars that have graced the small screen on American Horror Story include thespian powerhouses like Sarah Paulson, Jessica Lange, Angela Basset, Connie Britton, Frances Conroy, Wes Bently, Matt Bomer, and Kathy Bates. Adding Kim Kardashian to the list of the long-running series seems odd, but then again, it was one of the first shows to take a chance on Lady Gaga, and now she’s the next Harley Quinn, so stranger things have happened.

Kim Kardashian’s only acting credits to date are in Drop Dead Diva, Beyond the Break, Disaster Movie, and voice acting in PAW Patrol: The Movie. It’s good that she’s taking her new role seriously, and there’s every likelihood she’ll do just fine in the role, no matter how badly everyone annoyed by her family wants her to fall flat on her face. She’ll do fine for someone with no acting talent using money to make up for it.