See Emma Roberts Falling Out Of Her Top Poolside

Emma Roberts is taking a break at Coachella in a tiny tube top.

By Jonathan Klotz | Published

Emma Roberts would be on a career upswing right now, with multiple major projects set to come out over the next two years, but that would imply that she ever slowed down in the first place. Taking some time off, the Scream Queens and American Horror Story star is at Coachella, which we only know thanks to her latest Instagram story. Wrapped around her wrist is one of the tell-tale bracelets; it’s a little hard to notice with the funny faces she’s making and the distinctly non-model fashion pose she’s rocking poolside.

The small tube top appears to match her headband, and nothing matches the strange yellow glasses, which makes them fashionable, we think? Emma Roberts is dressed perfectly for the sunny desert, which she acknowledged with a quote in the caption from Robert Fulton, “the desert tells a different story every time one ventures into it.” Embracing the spirit of wanderlust may seem odd while attending a million-dollar music festival headlined by the greatest musicians today (and Frank Ocean), but that’s more true to the festival than sponsorship by Coke.

Her millions of fans, including Jeremy Renner, on social media get to see Emma Roberts relaxing and having fun while the Unfabulous star that crossed over for one episode with Drake & Josh gets to enjoy just a few of the following: Bad Bunny, Gorillaz, Blackpink, Blondie, Yungblud, Eric Prydz, and Idris Elba. Wait, what?

Emma Roberts in Scream Queens

Among celebrities in attendance like Emma Roberts, it turns out, the star of Luther, The Wire, and Hobbs & Shaw, is also performing a DJ set at Coachella, so yes, it’s the actual Idris Elba. While that’s surprising, it’s Coachella, the Californian festival attracts celebrities like moths to a flame. Something else that’s going to be surprising, regards the future of Roberts, as her next big role is still shrouded in mystery.

Emma Roberts is going from the small screen of American Horror Story to the big screen and her first superhero role as part of the ensemble cast in Madame Web. She’ll be starring alongside Adam Scott, with the rumor being that the two are somehow related to Peter Parker; according to IMDb, they’ll be younger versions of May and Ben Parker. That has yet to be confirmed, though it would be amazing to see how Sony fits Spider-Man‘s extended family into the growing universe of Spider-adjacent characters, including Venom, Morbius, and, soon, Kraven the Hunter.

Madame Web is mostly clad in secrecy, but it will star Dakota Johnson as the title character and Sydney Sweeney as Julia Carpenter, the second Spider-Woman in the comics that eventually assumes the mantle of Madame Web. No matter how big or small Emma Roberts’ role ends up being, it will be a treat for her devoted legion of fans to see her on the big screen. Until then, she’s going to keep living her best life under the desert sun, listening to amazing music and relaxing by a pool.