Drake Bell, Former Nickelodeon Child Star, Reported Missing And Endangered

Drake Bell, known for the hit Nickelodeon show Drake & Josh, has gone missing near Daytona Beach.

By Lyndon Nicholas | Updated

drake bell

Update: Drake Bell was found by Daytona Beach Police, who say that the actor is alive and safe.

A shocking story regarding a missing person is circulating in the Daytona Beach area of Florida and beyond. The story troublingly involves one of the more recognizable stars of the early 2000s children’s television mainstay channel Nickelodeon. According to a recent TMZ report, Police in the Daytona Beach area have declared the actor and musician Drake Bell MIA.

Daytona Beach police have revealed that they believe Drake Bell “is considered missing and endangered.” The former Nickelodeon star was last seen on Wednesday, April 12, at around 9 pm driving a 2022 grey BMW somewhere in the area of Mainland High School. Daytona Beach police believe that the actor could be in danger and are asking that anyone with any information about the actor’s whereabouts contact Detective Jayson Wallace at 386-671-5207. 

Drake Bell had his first big break when he landed a regular role on the Amanda Bynes-led Nickelodeon sketch comedy series The Amanda Show in 1999. One of his most recognizable ongoing sketches was “Totally Kyle,” a spoof of the 90s film Wayne’s World. He would later go on to join the cast of All That alongside Bynes, Nick Cannon, and others.

Drake Bell may be best known for his role in the Nickelodeon comedy Drake & Josh alongside Josh Peck, which ran for 56 episodes from 2014-2017. Since the series, Bell had a number of roles in film and television, most notably as a recurring voice actor for various iterations of Marvel’s Spider-Man, and as Timmy Turner in a number of Nickelodeon’s live-action Fairly Odd Parents films.

Drake Bell has certainly had a number of turns since his time as a young actor, including a fairly successful music career. His debut album Telegraph was a pop album released in 2005 to moderate success. Bell’s 2020 album Sesiones En Casa was recorded at the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak and featured a number of Spanish-language singles included in the tracklist alongside reimaginings of some of his earlier music.

Drake Bell has also had a number of controversial moments, including filing for bankruptcy back in 2014 and being arrested for a DUI in 2015. The actor was also accused of alleged mental and physical abuse by a number of former girlfriends, including an ex-girlfriend of five years.

In 2020, Bell relocated to Mexico and revealed that he had changed his name from Drake Bell to Drake Campana. Many fans saw this as an attempt to distance himself from the allegations and rebrand as a Spanish-language artist with a new alias garnered him relative anonymity for a time.

Drake Bell made headlines in 2021 for allegations of sexual assault and child endangerment. During the trial, the former child star was alleged to have exchanged inappropriate social media and text messages with a minor for months leading up to meeting up in person at a concert. Once at the concert, Bell was accused of violating his duty of care and putting the individual in unsafe circumstances. 

Drake Bell eventually plead guilty to child endangerment and had just recently completed his probation. Although Bell has certainly had a number of controversies since his time as a young actor, it is still concerning to hear that he has gone missing. Hopefully, things turn out well as the story continues to develop.