See Emma Roberts As A Cowgirl In A Series Of Short Skirts For A Sexy Video

Emma Roberts shows off a series of skirts from her new Daahls collection.

By Jessica Scott | Updated

emma roberts

Emma Roberts is announcing a new clothing collection, and she’s doing it in a sexy video containing a series of sexy short skirts and cowgirl attire. “I’m thrilled to announce that my first capsule collection Daahls by Emma Roberts is available now at About You,” she says in an Instagram post by the brand. 

The clothing collection is meant to show all the different aspects of her personality, from playful to sophisticated to… cowgirl, we guess? Some of the pieces shown in her sexy new video include t-shirts with fun phrases on them, checkered dresses, plaid two-piece outfits, and jean jackets. Emma Roberts says in her introduction video that she wanted to create a collection in which everything could be worn by itself, or with other pieces from the line.

In that sexy video, Emma Roberts also mentions a book club she runs called Belletrist. According to the website, this little-known program was born from a love of reading by Emma and her best friend Karah. In the beginning, Emma and Karah’s had a tradition of sending books to each other via snail mail, along with notes about them. 

They thought that this would be a great thing to bring to other book lovers, so Emma Roberts and her BFF started Belletrist. Eventually, their book club partnered with a company called BookClub to start providing book club members with, not just the book of the month, but also behind-the-scenes looks at the writing process, an in-depth look at the book’s characters, and author interviews. 

Emma Roberts’ book club also helps independent bookstores by making the monthly book picks available via, a competitor of Amazon that hopes to help bring more business back to smaller booksellers and independent authors. 

For March 2023, Emma Roberts and company picked What Happened to Ruthy Ramirez by Claire Jimenez. The book tells the story of the Ramirez women, whose lives were all shattered by the disappearance of 13-year-old Ruthy. Twelve years after the young teen disappeared after track practice, a woman with the exact same beauty mark shows up on a raunchy television show. Is this woman Ruthy, all grown up? The women set out to find out.

Aside from her love of literature, Emma Roberts is known in Hollywood for her roles in teen television shows like Nickelodeon’s Unfabulous and films like Aquamarine, Nancy Drew, and Hotel for Dogs. As she got older, she began to seek out more “adult” fare and starred in films like Scream 4, We’re the Millers, and Holidate in addition to the American Horror Story series. 

Emma Roberts’ father is Eric Roberts and her aunt is Julia Roberts, who used to take her to sets with her when she was a little girl. This is how she caught the acting bug, and she was drawn into the family business at a young age. 

Nowadays, Emma Roberts balances her acting work with her book club, her new clothing line, and her life as a mom to her son, who is now around three years old. In December 2020, she became the first pregnant woman to ever get featured on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine, according to CNN. Maybe someone should write a book club book about that!

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