Andrew Lincoln Is Bloody And Badass In New Look At Walking Dead Spinoff

Danai Gurira shared a photo of Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes bloodied up in the upcoming Walking Dead Rick and Michonne spinoff series.

By Zack Zagranis | Updated

A new post on Danai Gurira‘s Instagram shows Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes with a blood-streaked face. The picture is captioned, “Have you seen this man?” followed by #TheWalkingDead #Richonne Spinoff. The picture is a teaser for the still-untitled The Walking Dead spinoff.

The spinoff will follow Rick and Michonne as they reunite for new adventures set after The Walking Dead finale. Andrew Lincoln famously exited The Walking Dead at the end of the show’s eighth season. The spinoff will be fans’ reintroduction to Rick and a chance to see what the former lawman was up to during the Walking Dead‘s last three seasons.

Rick might be looking a little worse for wear in costar Gurira’s Insta post, but his expression says, “You should see the other guy!” Rick Grimes has always been a fighter, and judging by the blood-splashed smirk on Andrew Lincoln, that won’t change in his upcoming Walking Dead spinoff. The blood looks too fresh to be from a walker and is likely the result of a scrap with another human or Grimes’ own plasma.

Fans of The Walking Dead know there is no shortage of human antagonists that exist in the narrative. If there’s one theme the zombie genre is good at hammering home, it’s that the real villains were the people we met along the way. Andrew Lincoln will have no shortage of living obstacles when he returns to the Walking Dead universe, thanks to the Civil Republic Military (CRM).

The CRM is a shadowy military organization with lots of heavily armed soldiers. The CRM are the ones who took Rick away at the end of his last episode. They are also the organization after Andrew Lincoln during his cameo in the Walking Dead finale.

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Fans can assume the CRM will serve as a primary antagonist for Rick and Michonne in the new spinoff. Between them and the zombies, the couple has their work cut out for them. Luckily “cut” is what Michonne does best.

The last time we see Danai Gurira in the Walking Dead finale, she’s slicing up zombies with her trusty katana. Could the blood on Andrew Lincoln be a result of a sneak decapitation courtesy of his better half? It would explain his calm demeanor in the above photo.

The untitled Richonne spinoff won’t be the only new foray into the Walking Dead universe. The Andrew Lincoln spinoff joins The Walking Dead: Dead City and an upcoming Daryl Dixon solo offering that will follow Norman Reedus around Europe.

There aren’t many details yet for the Andrew Lincoln Walking Dead spinoff, but according to Digital Spy, showrunner Scott M Gimple promises it will be “mindblowing.” Gimple described the Rick and Michonne series as an “epic love story” and says that the couple will discover new worlds that fans of The Walking Dead have yet to see.

The Rick and Michonne spinoff will air sometime in 2023. Maybe then we’ll finally find out why Rick’s face is covered in blood.