Jeffrey Dean Morgan Is Back As Negan In Thrilling Walking Dead: Dead City Sneak Peak Video

See Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan in a teaser trailer for The Walking Dead: Dead City.

By Zack Zagranis | Updated

Get out your baseball bats and barbed wire because Negan is back! The fan-favorite bad guy turned anti-hero makes an appearance in a teaser video for The Walking Dead: Dead City, a spin-off of the recently ended zombie epic The Walking Dead. The teaser sees Jeffrey Dean Morgan returning as Negan, ready to go HAM on a city full of walkers.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is joined by Lauren Cohan, reprising her role as Maggie from The Walking Dead. The teaser features Maggie telling Negan that “they” have her son and he is the only one that can help. The teaser ends with Negan in NYC and a zombie hitting the top of an abandoned car, causing Negan to remark, “We got walkers falling out of the sky now?”

Not much else is shown in the 15-second teaser. The Walking Dead: Dead City will take place two years after The Walking Dead finale and be set in The Big Apple, allowing the characters to explore a different environment than the one they are used to.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan first played the infamous Negan in Season 6 of The Walking Dead. Negan’s introduction to the audience was Glenn’s horrific beating to death, which Negan accomplished with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire, which he affectionately named Lucille. It’s a testament to Morgan’s charm and acting ability that the character became so popular with fans despite turning poor Glenn’s brains into dog food.

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The character remained on The Walking Dead until the finale, which ended with the now-redeemed Negan walking down the road to god-knows-where. Dead City will most likely fill in the gaps of what Negan has been up to since the finale and how he ends up helping Maggie in New York.

Along with The Walking Dead: Dead City, Jeffrey Dean Morgan has several other upcoming projects, including an undisclosed role in the upcoming season of The Boys and the Pauline Chan film Neponset Circle. Morgan’s Boys appearance will make him one of the few actors to act in multiple comic book properties without ever joining the MCU.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan starred in The Walking Dead, based on an Image comic of the same name, as well as several DC projects, including Batman V Superman, The Losers, and Watchmen. Why the actor has never been approached by Marvel is anyone’s guess. Morgan would have made a great replacement for the late William Hurt as General Thadeus “Thunderbolt” Ross, a role that ultimately went to Harrison Ford.

Even if Marvel did come calling, it’s doubtful that The Walking Dead: Dead City star would even have time to join Disney‘s cash cow. The small snippet of Negan in the new teaser makes it easy to tell that Morgan is giving his usual 110 percent to Dead City. This is good because, according to The Walking Dead chief content officer Scott M. Gimple, the new show will feature some of the “gnarliest, most vomit-inducing” zombies in the franchise’s history. Now if only Negan didn’t burn Lucille …