See Jeffrey Dean Morgan Tease His Script For The Boys

By Mark McKee | Published

jeffrey dean morgan

The Boys has been a big hit for Amazon, its somewhat satirical take on the superhero genre proved to hit at the perfect time to capitalize on the fatigue beginning to set in on audiences. As it continues to find ways to bring in viewers, the showrunners announced that fan-favorite actor of zombie and superhero genres, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, would be joining the cast. As you can see from his Instagram post, he is as excited as any of us to join the cast of The Boys

While his role is as of now being kept under wraps, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is rumored to be taking on the role of Ted Knight, who in the comics is a bit of a riff on DC’s Bruce Wayne, AKA Batman, with a little of Marvel’s Tony Stark, AKA Iron Man. There are numerous similarities to the other characters, as Knight wears an advanced tech suit to fight crime, lives in a giant mansion, and even has a young sidekick. Of course, The Boys can’t do anything normally, so they also added a mental condition that makes Ted Knight want to fornicate with anyone or anything he can, making him the perfect addition to the Amazon Prime series. 

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is no stranger to playing comic book characters, but perhaps the most prominent character he has portrayed on screen is Negan in The Walking Dead. Negan sauntered into the famed zombie series on AMC by endearing himself to absolutely no one by bludgeoning two beloved characters to death while laughing maniacally. Of course, like all popular characters, he went through a redemption arc that helped him get in the good graces of everyone, including Lauren Cohen’s Maggie. 

Negan The Walking Dead
Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan on The Walking Dead

He is well-endeared to DC fans as he has appeared in three projects for the big comic-book company and its affiliates. He appeared in Zack Snyder’s The Watchmen as The Comedian, another despicable character that he proved to be a perfect fit to portray; a role he reprised in the video short, Under the Hood. He also had an uncredited appearance as Jeb Turnbull in the Josh Brolin-led Jonah Hex, and he played the leader of a group of disavowed black operators in the little-known comic book adaptation, The Losers

The latest appearance in a DC film is as the father of Bruce Wayne in Batman v. Superman; in the flashback of his parent’s death, Jeffrey Dean Morgan appeared (along with his The Walking Dead co-star Lauren Cohen) as Thomas Wayne. He was heavily rumored to reprise the character in Ezra Miller’s The Flash, based on Flashpoint, where Thomas Wayne eventually became Batman after Bruce died instead of him.

His upcoming role in The Boys will find him appearing alongside Jensen Ackles, his former co-star and fellow Winchester, in the highly beloved TV series Supernatural. His upcoming role in the series has excited fans since the announcement and judging from the caption, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is equally as excited.