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Jenna Ortega Wednesday

Netflix Announces Whether Wednesday Is Renewed For Season 2

Netflix has finally announced that massive streaming hit, Wednesday, has been renewed for a second season.

3 months ago

kate hudson

An Accident On The Set Of Glass Onion Made It Into The Movie

Actress Jessica Henwick accidentally broke a sculpture on set, but the Glass Onion cameras were rolling, keeping the shot in the final cut of the movie.

3 months ago

wednesday Kaleidoscope

Wednesday Has Been Dethroned By Another Netflix Series

Wednesday has been defeated in ratings by the new multi-billion dollar heist show Kaleidoscope.

3 months ago

tom cruise

Tom Cruise’s Best Sci-Fi Movie Just Landed On Netflix

Minority Report, starring Tom Cruise, is streaming on Netflix.

3 months ago

bridgerton prequel

See A Younger Version Of Netflix’s Best Character In Highly-Anticipated Prequel

Netflix has released the first look at Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story

3 months ago

tom hanks

Tom Hanks’s Weirdest Movie Started Streaming On Netflix

Tom Hanks’s most bizarre movie, The ‘Burbs, is now on Netflix.

3 months ago

warner bros discovery david zaslav

Warner Bros. Discovery Pulling All Of Its Content From Netflix?

Warner Bros. could be pulling its content off Netflix, as David Zaslav is not happy with the pay structure currently.

3 months ago

An Intense Leonardo DiCaprio Biopic Is Now On Netflix

Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese teamed up for The Aviator, an award-winning biopic based on the life of Howard Hughes, which is now available on Netflix.

3 months ago

arnold schwarzenegger marvel

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Breakthrough Comedy Just Landed On Netflix

Arnold Schwarzenegger made the jump from action films to comedies with the success of Twins, alongside Danny DeVito.

3 months ago

tom cruise top gun: maverick

A Charmingly Funny Tom Cruise Blockbuster Is Now On Netflix

One of Tom Cruise’s most charming movies, Jerry Maguire, is now available on Netflix.

3 months ago

dwayne johnson

A Dwayne Johnson Blockbuster Hit Sequel Is Dominating Netflix

Dwayne Johnson’s Jumanji: The Next Level is the fourth most-watched movie on Netflix.

3 months ago

Netflix jojo's bizarre adventure

A Fan-Favorite Superhero Show Is Leaving Netflix

The popular superhero animated series Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir is leaving Netflix for Disney+.

3 months ago

millie bobby brown stranger things cast

Stranger Things Star Hates One Of Their Character’s Biggest Quirks

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown hates waffles, unlike her character Eleven.

3 months ago

netflix 1899

Another Hit Netflix Series Officially Canned After Just One Season

The Netflix science fiction mystery thriller 1899 has been canceled after one season.

3 months ago

the witcher henry cavill

The Witcher Being Entirely Rebooted After Henry Cavill’s Exit?

A fan podcaster suggests the end of The Witcher: Blood Origin opens the door for the main series to be completely rebooted after Henry Cavill’s departure.

3 months ago

netflix trolls movie

An Underrated Troll Movie Is Trending On Netflix

The Trolls movie is in the top 10 most-watched movies on Netflix.

3 months ago

glass onion

Glass Onion Star Is Still Confused About Their Part

Hugh Grant is still confused at his small cameo in Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery.

3 months ago

stranger things season 5

Stranger Things Star Reveals How Series Will End

Stranger Things Season 5 will end “perfectly” according to Noah Schnapp, who plays Will Byers.

3 months ago

daniel craig glass onion

Daniel Craig Is Trending For Fans’ Favorite Part Of Glass Onion

Fans are obsessed and have left Daniel Craig trending for his cabana outfit in Glass Onion.

3 months ago

Daniel Craig

The Reality Of When Knives Out 3 Will Be Released

Franchise creator Rian Johnson gives an honest assessment that it will be years before Knives Out 3 is released, as he has yet to write a script.

3 months ago

witcher blood origin

Witcher: Blood Origin Creator Producing Even More Spin-Offs?

The Witcher: Blood Origin co-creator Declan De Barra hints that more spinoffs of The Witcher are on the way.

3 months ago

knives out 2

You Probably Missed This Major Cameo In Glass Onion

Noah Segan, the actor that played Trooper Wagner in Knives Out, returns in Glass Onion as the beer-loving Derol.

3 months ago


Charlie Cox Reveals Whether Or Not He’s In The Running For James Bond

Charlie Cox admits he is not in the running for James Bond, no matter how much fans ask for it on social media.

3 months ago

A Gritty Johnny Depp Movie Is Leaving Netflix Soon

Johnny Depp’s cocaine trafficker crime thriller, Blow, is leaving Netflix on December 31st.

3 months ago

a clockwork orange

Last Chance To Watch One Of The Most Influential Films Of All Time On Netflix

Stanley Kubrick’s Oscar-nominated dystopian classic A Clockwork Orange is leaving Netflix after New Year’s Eve.

3 months ago

al pacino

Al Pacino Delivers His Greatest Speech In This Hit Movie Leaving Netflix

Al Pacino’s best speech was given in Any Given Sunday, which is leaving Netflix on December 31st.

3 months ago

martin lawrence demascus

One Of Martin Lawrence’s Funniest Films Is Coming To Netflix

Blue Streak, one of Martin Lawrence’s best buddy comedies, will be available on Netflix starting on January 1.

3 months ago

quentin tarantino star trek

Quentin Tarantino’s Critically Acclaimed Debut Film Is Coming To Netflix

Reservoir Dogs, Quentin Tarantino’s first film and still one of his best, will soon be available to stream on Netflix.

3 months ago

henry cavill the witcher

The Witcher: Blood Origin’s Terrible Reviews Are Henry Cavill’s Fault?

Henry Cavill fans might be responsible for review bombing The Witcher: Blood Origin.

3 months ago

netflix the gray man

Netflix’s Most Popular 2022 Movie Was A Critical Disaster

Netflix’s The Gray Man was the most popular movie of 2022, but it was a miss with critics, as it has a 46% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

3 months ago