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wesley snipes

Wesley Snipes Returns In Intense Trailer For Netflix’s True Story

Wesley Snipes is as intense as ever in True Story. See the trailer here.

1 year ago


See The New He-Man Trailer Promise Bigger Fights And More Skeletor

See the new He-Man trailer here.

1 year ago

tiger king 2 trailer

Tiger King 2 Trailer Promises Orgies And Murder

See the wild Tiger King 2 trailer here.

1 year ago

cowboy bebop trailer john cho

See The Magnificent First Cowboy Bebop Trailer Starring John Cho

The Cowboy Bebop trailer is here and it looks stunning.

1 year ago

sandra bullock 28 days

Sandra Bullock’s Women In Prison Movie Just Released A Trailer

Netflix released a trailer earlier today for the upcoming Sandra Bullock drama The Unforgivable. While predicting a film’s quality by its trailer is arguably not that different from the oft-repeated mistake of judging a book by its cover, if the The Unforgivable is as powerful as its trailer makes it appear, awards season will find …

1 year ago

dave chappelle netflix

Dave Chappelle Responds To Netflix Controversy On Video, Says Other Comedian Not Funny

Dave Chappelle responds to the controversy surrounding his Netflix special and attacks another comic for good measure.

1 year ago

stargate streaming new series feature

All Stargate Shows Are About To Leave Streaming For A Long Time

If you’re watching a Stargate series, you better watch it quick!

1 year ago

henry cavill witcher

See Henry Cavill With His Sword At The Ready In The Witcher Season 2 First Look

Check out Henry Cavill ready to fight in The Witcher season two.

1 year ago

the last kingdom

Netflix’s The Last Kingdom Getting A Feature Film

Netflix cancelled The Last Kingdom, but now, they have a movie on the way.

1 year ago

Harrison Ford Rise of Skywalker

A Great Harrison Ford Movie Is Dominating On Netflix

A Harrison Ford movie, generally considering one of the best ever made, is currently climbing the streaming charts on Netflix

1 year ago

Gwyneth Paltrow

A New Gwyneth Paltrow Sex Series Is Blowing Up On Netflix

A new Gwyneth Paltrow series is crushing it on Netflix shortly after it was released on the streamer. This is something a little different

1 year ago

squid game season 2 netflix

South Korean Workers Strike While Wearing Squid Game Costumes

Striking workers in South Korea are using the menacing uniforms of Netflix’s Squid Game as they protest current working conditions.

1 year ago

megan fox

Megan Fox Has The #1 Movie On Netflix

This Megan Fox movie is destroying the competition on Netflix!

1 year ago


Netflix Responds To Employee Walkout Protest Happening Today

Netflix has issued its official response to the employee walkout protest taking place today.

1 year ago

kate hudson

A Forgotten Kate Hudson Movie Is Climbing The Charts On Netflix

A decade old Kate Hudson movie is burning up the charts on Netfflix!

1 year ago

the sandman netflix

See Game of Thrones Actress As Lucifer In The Sandman

Fans are talking about this new poster for Lucifer in The Sandman.

1 year ago

cowboy bebop

Cowboy Bebop Releases Wild “Lost Episode” Of Upcoming Netflix Series

Cowboy Bebop fans are getting a new lost episode of the live-action show early. See it here.

1 year ago

mindhunter season 3

Mindhunter Season 3 Won’t Happen Unless Fans Demand It

Will Mindhunter season 3 happen? Maybe.

1 year ago

family matters darius mccray

Eddie Winslow From Family Matters Is Dating One Of The Biggest Transgender Stars In The World?

The actor who played Eddie Winslow on Family Matters may be dating a transgender superstar!

1 year ago


Netflix Leak Revealed How Much They Made On Their Biggest Show And It’s Shocking

What is a hit show worth to Netflix? A shocking leak reveals staggering numbers.

1 year ago


Netflix Fires Trans Employee Who Planned Walkout Protest

Netflix has recently fired a trans employee who was set to stage a walkout in protest of the latest Dave Chappelle comedy special.

1 year ago

squid game

Squid Game Season 2 In The Works?

Even as you read this, Netflix subscribers’ new hot favorite, the Korean survival drama Squid Game is showing no signs of relinquishing its position as the number one series on the platform.

1 year ago

dave chappelle forrest gump

Emmy-Winning Comedian Says Netflix Is A Cult After Dave Chappelle Special

An Emmy-winning comedian is not happy with Netflix and calls the company a cult!

1 year ago

lupin season 2

Lupin Star Just Signed A Massive Deal With Netflix

Lupin star Omar Sy has just inked a major deal with Netflix, set to have the actor in a number of different productions in the near future

1 year ago


See A Florida Man Capturing Massive Snake After Trapping Alligator With a Garbage Can

This Florida man captured a huge snake outside of his house two weeks after capturing an alligator!

1 year ago

dave chappelle netflix

Netflix Doubles Down On Defense Of Dave Chappelle Amidst Rising Controversy

A leaked memo shows Netflix doubling down their defense of the Dave Chappelle comedy special.

1 year ago

squid game season 2

Squid Game Is Now Officially Netflix’s Biggest Show Ever

Squid Game is breaking more records for Netflix. What’s next for the hit show?

1 year ago

netflix password sharing

Netflix Acquires Every Episode Of The Greatest Anime Ever

Netflix has picked up every episode of the best anime around.

1 year ago


Netflix Employees Planning Walkout Protest

Netlix employees are staging a walkout.

1 year ago

ryan reynolds, red notice

Red Notice: All We Know About The Netflix Movie

Here is everything we have found out about Red Notice, the new action film from Netflix.