Stream 1990s R-Rated Violent Sci-Fi Action Blockbuster Without Netflix

By Charlene Badasie | Published

The 1994 sci-fi action film Timecop is available to stream on various platforms. The movie is directed by Peter Hyams from a script by Mike Richardson and Mark Verheiden. It is based on a story created by Richardson, written by Verheiden, and illustrated by Ron Randall, that was initially featured in a Dark Horse Comics anthology run of stories.

Timecop With Jean-Claude Van Damme

Timecop features Jean-Claude Van Damme as Max Walker who wokrs as police officer in 1994 and becomes a U.S. federal agent in 2004 when time travel becomes a reality.

The story begins in 1863 Gainesville, Georgia, when a mysterious time traveler armed with modern weapons ruthlessly slaughters five Confederate States Army soldiers, making off with their shipment of gold.

Looming Threat Of Time Travel

Timecop jumps to 1994, where the Justice Department recognizes the looming threat of time travel and proposes the creation of the Time Enforcement Commission (TEC) to counteract the potential misuse of the technology. George Spota (Scott Lawrence), the advocate for the TEC, gains approval from the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Senator Aaron McComb (Ron Silver) takes charge of overseeing the project, and Eugene Matuzak (Bruce McGill) becomes the TEC’s first commissioner. As Max Walker contemplates joining the TEC, his life takes a tragic turn when he and his wife Melissa (Mia Sara) are attacked, resulting in an explosion that claims Melissa’s life.

Moving Forward


A decade later, Timecop finds Walker working as a seasoned TEC agent who goes on a mission to prevent his former partner, Lyle Atwood (Jason Schombing), from manipulating the stock market in 1929 for Senator McComb’s gain. Atwood, afraid of being erased from history, confesses about McComb’s involvement and is sentenced to death.

Walker works to gather evidence against McComb and is assigned a new partner, rookie TEC agent Sarah Fielding (Gloria Reuben). In 1994, Walker and Fielding witness a confrontation between McComb and his business partner over a lucrative computer chip. A shocking revelation unfolds when McComb from 2004 intervenes.

Timecop’s Big Opening


In an altered 1994, Walker faces betrayal and loss and is given a chance to save Melissa. The movie ends with a final showdown between Walker and McComb from 2004. 

Timecop premiered in the U.S. in September 1994, opening at the number one spot with $12,064,625 in box office takings. It earned $101 million globally, making it Jean-Claude Van Damme’s highest-grossing starring role film.

Critical opinions on Timecop were mixed, as evidenced by its 42 percent rating on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. While some folks enjoyed the sci-fi action, others likened the film to a “low-rent Terminator.

Timecop Behind The Scenes


Timecop’s director, Peter Hyams, was drawn to the project due to its compelling story involving time travel, illegal activities, and the potential consequences of altering the timeline.

The musical score was composed by Mark Isham and conducted by Ken Kugler. The soundtrack featured tracks such as “Time Cop,” “Melissa,” and “Rooftop,” which enhanced the story.

In September 1994, S.D. Perry penned a novelization of Timecop. In 1997, a television series based on the movie was released, featuring nine episodes. Timecop 2: The Berlin Decision, a direct-to-DVD sequel starring Jason Scott Lee, was released in 2003. Universal Pictures announced plans to remake the film in 2010, but the project never materialized.

Stream Timecop


The original film was later adapted into a two-issue comic book series. A video game on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1995 further expanded the Timecop universe.

Novels by Dan Parkinson, published between 1997 and 1999, contributed to the franchise legacy, though the books focused on the character Jack Logan from the television series.

Timecop is available on various streaming platforms such as AppleTV+, Amazon, and Tubi. It can also be purchased via VOD options like Google Play.