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Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Trailer Proves It’s Another Play The Hits Nostalgia Trip

After nearly four decades of waiting, the fans of Tim Burton’s iconic Beetlejuice are finally receiving a sequel, titled Beetlejuice …

2 months ago


The Dark R-Rated 80s Teen Comedy On Streaming That Defined A Generation

The 1988 film Heathers not only helped launch the careers of three of its stars but also captured the cynicism …

2 months ago

Beetlejuice 2 Reactions Have Us Actually Excited For Long-Awaited Sequel

A few weeks ago, Michael Keaton assured audiences that he had seen an early cut of the upcoming Beetlejuice 2 …

3 months ago

Beetlejuice Beetlejuice First Reactions Have Us Extremely Worried

The original Beetlejuice was a staple of our childhoods and a sequel has been highly anticipated since Tim Burton and …

4 months ago

Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Missing Actor Has A Disturbing Backstory

Whenever a dormant franchise gets picked up again, it is always interesting to see which actors are able to come …

4 months ago

Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Is Finally Here, See The Sequel In Action

Back by popular demand after a 36-year absence from the big screen, Beetlejuice has returned to raise hell. Talks of …

4 months ago

Beetlejuice 2 Originally Had A Worse Title That Paid Tribute To Horror History

On February 1, Warner Bros. Pictures released the first poster for Beetlejuice 2. Along with a release date of September …

4 months ago

michael keaton
michael keaton beetlejuice 2

Michael Keaton Reveals Origin Story In Beetlejuice 2

Few upcoming 2024 films are as highly-anticipated as Beetlejuice Beetlejuice, the follow-up to the 1988 classic comedy. And now star …

4 months ago

Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Is Bringing Back Original Movie’s Most Memorable Moment

We already know the Beetlejuice sequel, aptly titled Beetlejuice Beetlejuice, is bringing back the main characters, but now we know …

4 months ago

Michael Keaton Gives Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Review And We Can’t Wait

Ever since the upcoming Beetlejuice sequel was first announced, fans have been eagerly awaiting the Michael Keaton-led film with cautious …

4 months ago

Beetlejuice 2 Reveals First Look And New Title

Warner Bros. has officially unveiled the title for the highly anticipated Beetlejuice sequel, and we should have seen this coming: …

5 months ago

black swan

The Netflix Dark Thriller That Messes With Your Mind

Ballet dancing is often associated with graceful jetés, chassés, and pirouettes expertly executed over a stunning musical backdrop. But if …

6 months ago

Stranger Things Creators Kill Popular Fan Theory Ending

The upcoming fifth and final season of Stranger Things is perhaps one of the most highly anticipated TV projects at …

7 months ago

jenna ortega

See The First Look At Jenna Ortega In Beetlejuice 2

An image of Jenna Ortega from the set of Beetlejuice 2 in Hertfordshire, England, has given fans their first look …

1 year ago

willem dafoe

Exclusive: Willem Dafoe Cast In Beetlejuice 2, Character Revealed

Willem Dafoe will appear as an afterlife cop in Beetlejuice 2.

1 year ago

justin theroux

Our Justin Theroux Beetlejuice 2 Scoop Confirmed By Deadline

Deadline has confirmed our report that Justin Theroux will star in Beetlejuice 2.

1 year ago

beetlejuice 2

Exclusive: Justin Theroux Cast In Beetlejuice 2

Justin Theroux has been cast in an undisclosed role in Beetlejuice 2.

1 year ago

Keanu Reeves Reveals Marriage To Winona Ryder For 30 Years

Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder may be married in real life because the wedding scene in Bram Stoker’s Dracula used a real Romanian priest.

1 year ago

Jenna Ortega Wednesday

Jenna Ortega Wants Winona Ryder’s Best Role

Jenna Ortega wants to play Lydia Deetz in the Beetlejuice sequel.

1 year ago

sadie sink beetlejuice 2

Exclusive: Sadie Sink Is Winona Ryder’s Daughter In Beetlejuice 2

Stranger Things star Sadie sink will appear on Beetlejuice 2 as the daughter of Winona Ryder’s Lydia Deetz.

1 year ago

winona ryder johnny depp

Johnny Depp To Blame For Winona Ryder Missing Out On Biggest Role Of Her Career?

Johnny Depp’s call to let The Godfather: Part III’s studio know that Winona Ryder was too sick to work lost her the part in the film.

1 year ago

Winona Ryder

See Winona Ryder Busting Out Of A Plunging Black Dress

Winona Ryder is back in her macabre style, much like she rocked during her time as Lydia Deetz in Beetlejuice, …

2 years ago

michael keaton beetlejuice 2

Beetlejuice 2 Getting Original Star Back?

Geena Davis is interested in appearing in Beetlejuice 2.

2 years ago

Winona Ryder

Winona Ryder’s Darkest Movie Is Streaming

Winona Ryder is the queen bee of strange and unusual teens everywhere, but this movie is unquestionably her darkest.

2 years ago

johnny depp beetlejuice

Exclusive: Johnny Depp In Talks For Beetlejuice 2

According to our trusted and proven sources, Johnny Depp might be up for a role in the much-longed-for Beetlejuice 2.

2 years ago

Stranger Things Kept Being Changed Because Of Winona Ryder

Winona Ryder is one of the most seasoned actors on Stranger Things, and because of that, she kept getting the script changed for one reason.

2 years ago

Winona Ryder Finally Opens Up About Johnny Depp Breakup

Long before most people knew Amber Heard‘s name, it was Winona Ryder who came close to walking down the aisle …

2 years ago

Winona Ryder

Winona Ryder Reveals Which Famous Co-Star She Hated

Winona Ryder has been a bright star in Hollywood for decades, and she has revealed the one co-star she hated working with.

2 years ago

angelina jolie

A Sexy Angelina Jolie Movie Is Blowing Up On Netflix

While critics were divided on the film itself, they did enjoy Angelina Jolie’s performance. The actress gained a lot of momentum in her career after this

3 years ago