Netflix Fans Can Save The Best Crime Action Series In Years

By Charlene Badasie | Published

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Viewers can save martial arts crime drama Warrior, which recently began streaming on Netflix despite its cancellation on rival streaming platform Max last December. The series debuted in 2019 on Cinemax and was axed after two seasons when the network stopped producing original titles. In 2021, it found a new home on Max along with a season three renewal.

Netflix Has The Streaming Rights

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Although Max opted not to renew Warrior for a fourth season, Netflix’s acquisition of the streaming rights for the series across several territories could result in more episodes if viewers can drive demand. Given the positive reception it has received, including a 93 percent critic rating and 96 percent audience score on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, it might be possible.

The Show That Refuses To Die

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Creator Jonathan Tropper previously touched on its resilience, describing the Warrior as “a show that simply refuses to die” despite platform and regime changes. He is thrilled that Netflix has granted the series another chance, anticipating millions of new viewers worldwide will be captivated by its gripping story.

The Story Of Warrior

Warrior (now on Netflix) follows the story of Ah Sahm (Andrew Koji), a Chinese immigrant in 19th-century San Francisco who becomes involved in the Tong Wars between rival Chinese tongs. The series begins with Ah Sahm defending a fellow Chinese migrant and gaining the attention of Wang Chao (Hoon Lee), a black-market salesman.

Wang introduces Ah Sahm to Father Jun (Perry Yung), the leader of the Hop Wei tong. Simultaneously, police officer Richard Lee (Tom Weston-Jones) arrests Irishmen for murdering Chinese laborers, leading to tensions between the Irish Mob, Mayor Samuel Blake (Christian McKay), and the Chinese community. As the story unfolds, Ah Sahm becomes entangled in the complex web of rival tongs.

Ah Sahm’s Story Continues

As Warrior progresses, the story explores Ah Sahm’s relationships with key characters, including his encounters with Ah Toy (Olivia Chengand) and his complicated connection with Mai Ling (Dianne Doan). Different story arcs touch on opium smuggling, political corruption, and Ah Sahm’s imprisonment under false charges.

The first season of Warrior, as you can see on Netflix, ends with a gang war, setting the stage for Season 2, where the series explores political intrigues, betrayals, and the threat of the Chinese Exclusion Act. The third season sees the rise of a powerful new adversary and the impact of political and social changes. Loyalties are tested, alliances shift, and the consequences of past actions come to the forefront.

The Idea Comes From The Dragon Himself

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The Warrior series streaming now on Netflix is based on an original concept from Bruce Lee, who came up with the idea in 1971. Under the working title “Ah Sahm,” the story focused on a martial artist in the American Old West. However, Warner Bros. rejected the idea for several reasons. Instead, the studio reworked and renamed the concept, leading to the creation of “Kung Fu,” with David Carradine taking the lead role.

Sources suggest that Bruce Lee was not cast as the lead due in part to his ethnicity and accent. In 2015, Perfect Storm Entertainment and Bruce Lee’s daughter, Shannon Lee, announced that Warrior would be produced and broadcast on Cinemax. Filmmaker Justin Lin was named co-producer alongside Lee. Filming began in October 2017 at Cape Town Film Studios in South Africa, and the rest is history.

Check The Series Out Now

A significant factor contributing to the show’s popularity is the stellar performance of Andrew Koji, an actor, writer, and martial artist known for his work as a stunt double in films like Fast & Furious 6Warrior has been a global success, securing the eighth spot in Netflix’s top 10. However, there are still key countries where the series is not available.