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Of all of Stranger Things Season 4 storylines, almost none was more engaging than what Mad Max struggled with dealing with Vecna. Because of this, Sadie Sink had about as big a breakout as anyone in the cast. With the assistance of “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush blasting through her Walkman, this season took the actress from one of the side members of the Party to one of the stars in the show.

It’s setting the stage, so to speak, for her to really start taking much larger roles moving forward and we are likely to see her talent on the big and small screen for years to come. And with the rise in fame has come more time in the spotlight and a massive Instagram account as well.

Sadie Sink Was Born April 16, 2002

Sadie Sink was born in the small town of Brenham, Texas on April 16, 2002. That means as of this writing she is 20 years old.

Before Sadie Sink Brenham was best known as the home of Blue Bell, a beloved regional ice cream company. Now their cows have competition.

On Stranger Things, Sadie’s character, Max, is only 15. That’s a pretty big age gap, but she’s pulled it off so far.


As happens with many stars these days, their social media presence becomes almost as important as whatever they are doing on the big or small screen. Being able to reach massive audiences with the simple click of a button has meant huge reach and an almost necessary component of celebrity culture.

Sadie Sink is no different here and she’s amassed quite the Instagram following. As of this writing, Sadie Sink had more than 21.1 million Instagram followers with significant engagement on her posts. 

Sadie Sink’s Instagram feed is a mix of fashion and Stranger Things hat tips from the young actress. Her latest post, which received more than 4.2 million likes was a collaboration with WhoWhatWear and had the actress sporting one of their latest styles. Check it out:

But there’s also Stranger Things media up there as well. For instance, we got part of the group sitting outside the Creel house, the one where part of the Party made their last stand against Vecna. 

And there are plenty of other pieces of Sadie Sink’s life put on Instagram with pics of family, fashion, artistic shows, and more.


Even from a young age, Sadie Sink knew she wanted to be an actress. Growing up in Texas isn’t always the quickest path to the stage or the bright lights of Hollywood, but she performed in a number of local production as a young girl. When she was cast as Annie in a Houston-area production of the titular play, little did anyone know that this would be a fortuitous role for her to grab at a young age. 

That’s because in 2012 Annie would actually have a Broadway revival just a year after Sadie Sink took the main role in Houston. During the revival on Broadway, the original star Lillard Crawford stepped aside and two replacements were brought in for the starring role, meant to alternate shows back and forth.

After auditions, Sadie Sink and Taylor Richardson landed the roles of Annie in the musical. Sadie Sink crushed it in her time on Broadway and below you can see a snippet of her performing the classic “Tomorrow”. Check it out and picture the star she was about to become.

Annie ended up lasting a little more than two years on Broadway with Sadie Sink earning positive reviews for her performance. She also noted that during her time in this production there was a group of kids, all from Broadway who would meet up at a Times Square park to get together.

Among them was Caleb McLaughlin who would go on to play Lucas in Stranger Things. It’s easy to see why the two had such chemistry in the last few seasons of the show, they’ve known each other for years.


After her stint as Annie on Broadway, Sadie Sink would land some smaller roles in shows like The Americans and Blue Bloods, though those were bit parts and one-offs. She did land a bigger role in the NBC thriller American Odyssey which debuted in 2015.

The Americans
Sadie Sink in The Americans

The Peter Horton-led series centered on a special forces group working in secret in Mali. Sadie Sink played the daughter of the main character who was played by Anna Friel. Other notables in the cast included Peter Facinelli, Treat Williams, Daniella Pineda, and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje. Critics and viewers were lukewarm on the show and it lasted only one season.

Then Sadie Sink landed a role in the movie adaptation of The Glass Castle which told the story of a young woman overcoming poverty while growing up. Brie Larson was in the lead role and the cast included Naomi Watts, Woody Harrelson, Max Greenfield, Iain Armitage, and Sarah Snook. Sadie Sink played the younger version of the latter character. 

stranger things Max Sadie Sink
Max in Stranger Things season 4

2017 ended up being the biggest break yet for the talented Sadie Sink who clearly was already going places in Hollywood. It’s when she appeared in the second season of Stranger Things on Netflix. Already coming off an overwhelmingly popular first season, the show’s second set of stories was met with considerable fanfare and that season started off by introducing Sadie Sink as Max “Mad Max” Mayfield and Dacre Montgomery as Billy “the Bully” Hargrave.

Max’s tomboy personality was an instant hit with certain members of the core group and as the show’s gone on she’s become a crucial member of the Party.

sadie sink
Sadie Sink as Max

Warning: Stranger Things Season 4 spoilers coming here

To start, Sadie Sink’s character is seen as an outsider with a strong personality who eventually garners the attention of Lucas and Dustin. The latter ends up dating her though they go through their rough patches in the timeline of young love.

She became more critical to the series in the third season when Billy became possessed and she was forced to make tough choices about what to do about her step-brother.

But things really dialed up for this fourth season of Stranger Things when her storyline took center stage. In the wake of Billy’s death at the end of Season 3, Max’s own internal struggles make her a prime target for Vecna and she spends much of the season trying to avoid his grip while also essentially putting her life on the line to make sure the group can effectively fight him.

It was a stunning performance throughout, one that brought “Running Up that Hill” by Kate Bush back into the limelight more than 25 years after it was originally released.

By the end, we aren’t quite sure about the future for Sadie Sink as Mad Max in Stranger Things. The fight with Vecna took more than a toll on the character and her fate does hang somewhat in the balance. 

Sadie Sink dear zoe
Sadie Sink in Dear Zoe

Sadie Sink has a couple of movies lined up while we wait for the return of Stranger Things Season 5. The first is Dear Zoe which will have her in the starring role. When she loses her mother, Sink’s Tess has to move back in with her biological father (Theo Rossi) and she befriends an odd neighbor who helps her get through her struggles. 

Sadie Sink the whale
Sadie Sink in The Whale

And then there was the The Whale directed by the great Darren Aronofsky. Sadie Sink starred alongside Brendan Fraser in a story about an obese man trying to reconnect with his daughter. 

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