See Sadie Sink As DC’s New Batgirl

Sadie Sink has been transformed into DC's new Batgirl via fan art.

By James Brizuela | Published

sadie sink the whale

Sadie Sink has turned into quite the actress after she stunned everyone while working on Stranger Things. She most recently held a role alongside Brendan Fraser in The Whale, where she once again showcased her amazing acting skills. Now, horrific.heroics is back with some more fan art that places Sadie Sink into the role of Batgirl, which you can see below:

It is only a matter of time before Marvel or DC come calling for Sadie Sink to be in one of their movies, and she does look quite great as Batgirl aka Barbara Gordon. DC hasn’t had the best of luck with Batgirl lately, as the highly anticipated movie was given the ax by Warner Bros. Discovery. However, that does not mean the character is not going to show up at a later time and Sink certainly has the gravitas to carry the role.

Sadie Sink is set to reprise her role as Max Mayfield in the final season of Stranger Things, though we don’t know how much of an impact she is going to have. The last time we saw her, she had fallen victim to Vecna’s curse and saw her limbs broken in a grisly way. Sink did state she believes that her character should have died, so we are going to have to wait and see what happens.

For now, horrific.heroics has placed Sadie Sink into the role of Batgirl, which fits quite nicely. Sink now joins more fan art from the same page that showcases Bryan Cranston as Commissioner Gordon. It would be quite an amazing match if Cranston and Sink teamed up together for a Batgirl feature.

sadie sink the whale

The issue is that we are not sure Sadie Sink, or anyone is going to attempt to tackle Batgirl for the foreseeable future. The movie was completed and canceled, which left a bad taste in everyone’s mouths, so it stands to reason that James Gunn might not want to tackle bringing in the character for the time being. Still, Sink would make a wonderful addition to DC.

To be honest, the Batman villains are a bit more tortured, as are the heroes of the property. Sadie Sink has shown plenty that she can act and bring a level of doom and drama to the role of Batgirl. We hope that one day a Batgirl solo movie is going to be attempted again and that someone of the caliber of acting that Sink has will be considered.

For now, everyone can head to the theaters to see Sadie Sink in The Whale, which she is fantastic in. It might be some time before we see her return to Stranger Things, as the Duffer Brothers have stated it might take until 2025 for the final season to come out. While we are all waiting though, DC might want to take a look at Sink in the Batgirl getup, as she looks fits the look of Barbara Gordon quite well.