See Stranger Things Star Sadie Sink Playing Annie On Broadway

See Stranger Things star Sadie Sink began her career on Broadway, as she took on the role of Annie.

By James Brizuela | Updated

sadie sink

Sadie Sink has become one of the most popular actresses because of her time as the fan-favorite Max character on Stranger Things. Everyone has praised the woman for her emotionality in the fourth season of the series, including some of the best moments featuring the now hugely popular Kate Bush song. The fact that Max is woken up out of Vecna’s curse using a song makes a ton of sense, as Sink comes from her own musical background. New footage of the younger Sink has been shown online, where she played Annie on Broadway. Quite honestly, she has a great singing voice. You can see a video of her performing below:

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Annie has been one of the most popular musicals for the better part of 45 years, as the initial play debuted in 1977. It has gone on to be adapted into three movies and countless other stage adaptations. Some of the most popular musical numbers from the play are “Tomorrow” and “Hard Knock Life.” Sadie Sink is in the full Annie costume, as she belts out “Tomorrow.” It makes a ton of sense that the actress found her way to being on one of the most popular shows and becoming one of the most popular characters on that show. She clearly had the talent to land a starring role on Broadway, which is no easy feat.

If you have not seen Stranger Things Season 4, look away now, as this paragraph will contain spoilers. Sadie Sink might be done with Stranger Things, or so it would seem for her character. Max was initially killed by Vecna, only to be surprisingly brought back by Eleven in some magical way that doesn’t quite make sense just yet. Even Sink recently commented on not knowing what is to come of Max. However, once the Netflix series wraps up, she is likely to garner many more starring roles. Clearly, she can sing as per the above video. Also, she is fantastic on Stranger Things, and she’s proven that plenty of times. For now, it appears as if the kids in the show will just have to wait and see where their careers are when the series ends after the fifth season.

Sadie Sink might just go the route of Finn Wolfhard, who has been steadily busy outside of appearing on Stranger Things. He recently held a starring role in Ghostbusters: Afterlife, which was just confirmed to have a sequel coming out in 2023. She is likely one of the most popular actors in the series. Well, apart from Finn Wolfhard and Millie Bobby Brown.

Sadie Sink might have to wait to see what comes of her character in Stranger Things, but she clearly has a great career ahead of her. She went from starring on Broadway to becoming a huge fan favorite on the second most successful series on Netflix. We are likely to see her appear in many more films and television shows. She could easily return to stage plays as well.