Sadie Sink Just Made Us Feel Old With Her Views On Brendan Fraser

By Jennifer Asencio | Published

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Brendan Fraser may be a well-known actor, but Sadie Sink showed us how long it’s been since we’ve seen him star in a film, when she admitted she’d never seen any of his movies prior to making The Whale with him. Geo News reports that the young actress said in an interview that she wasn’t familiar with the Canadian actor’s work, because she didn’t grow up with it. The Stranger Things star was born after The Mummy franchise’s more popular installments, and most of the work he’s done since has been more adult-themed dramas.

Brendan Fraser has had a prolific career, especially in his younger years. Before The Mummy, he was also in With Honors, The Scout, George of the Jungle, and Blast from the Past. 1992 was a breakout year for the actor, with that year skyrocketing him to both comic and dramatic fame with Encino Man and School Ties. Sadie Sink admits that of his earlier work, School Ties is her favorite.

However, Sadie Sink’s observation that she didn’t grow up with Brendan Fraser movies is also a tragic reminder of the reasons for that fact. The actor is experiencing what has been called the “Brenaissance” after a long hiatus from mainstream public life. Brendan Fraser’s career took a turn for the worse starting around 2010 when he stepped back from movies after two life-changing issues made their consequences well known.

brendan fraser the mummy
Brendan Fraser in The Mummy.

Once a heartthrob of teen and young adult movies, Brendan Fraser’s height of fame in his early career involved action roles, such as the three movies in The Mummy franchise. Sadie Sink might have swooned over him in George of the Jungle as he spends the movie swinging from trees and performing feats of strength and prowess as the bumbling Tarzan spoof. However, these stunts took a toll on the actor, causing him to joke in an interview that he was too familiar with different types and brands of ice packs, and requiring several surgeries to correct the damage.

On a more serious note, the actor was also outspoken about sexual harassment he experienced at the hands of journalist Philip Berk, former president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. The HFPA is the organization that conducts the Golden Globes, and Berk was ousted from the organization in 2021 when he shared an article in an email that called the Black Lives Matter movement a “racist hate movement.” Brendan Fraser has said that he will be boycotting the 2023 ceremony, where he was nominated for The Whale, in which he stars with Sadie Sink.

His new movie with Sadie Sink has attracted a lot of attention from analysts looking forward to awards season, but should he win a Golden Globe, he will not be there to accept from the organization that turned a blind eye when he was the target of Berk’s harassment. While neither Berk nor the HFPA openly blacklisted him, it is only recently that we’ve begun to see him make his return to the big and small screen, and The Whale is elevating him to new heights. The Whale opens in theaters December 9, 2022 and is already promising to be Brendan Fraser’s greatest performance, and, hopefully, Sadie Sink’s new favorite of his movies.