See Sadie Sink In A Stunning Dress

Sadie Sink looks as elegant as ever in a stunning black gown for the Critics Choice Awards.

By Jessica Scott | Updated

sadie sink

Sadie Sink has come a long way from that slightly awkward, tomboyish kid in Season 2 of Stranger Things. The 20-year-old actress posed in a hallway in an elegant black dress with a long skirt and sequined bustier that revealed her shoulders and a small piece of her flat stomach in her latest Instagram post.

Don’t worry though, Sadie Sink isn’t too grown up to have fun yet. In the second photo in her post, she grins and squints her eyes as she fist-bumps the person holding the camera.

In the caption, Sadie Sink said “It was a true honor” to attend the Critics Choice Awards and said that she was wearing Chanel. This is fitting since, according to Elle, she is a new ambassador for the brand. 

This was Sadie Sink’s first Critics Choice Awards attendance, and she attended as a nominee for Best Young Actor/Actress for her role in The Whale. In the film, she plays the daughter of Brendan Fraser’s character Charlie, an obese English professor who has been trying to reconnect with her after years of estrangement. 

Also according to Elle, Sadie Sink was a bit nervous about her first Critics Choice Awards but gained confidence from the fact that her co-stars would also be in attendance. “Awards shows can feel a little bizarre,” she said, “so it’s nice to have familiar faces close by.”

sadie sink

That black dress she posted on Instagram also helped her to feel self-confident. “Chanel has been there for me since the beginning,” she said, referring to the fact that she also wore the brand to the premiere of Stranger Things in 2017. She said that Chanel has allowed her to express herself as she has matured and changed over the years, something that makes her love their clothes even more. 

The dress Sadie Sink wore that night was a black silk radzimir piece with silver, gold, black, and red embroidery on the bustier. She also wore Jimmy Choo shoes, jewelry by Chanel, and a handbag by Chanel as well. She said that normally she doesn’t wear a full skirt, but that night it just felt right. “I feel like myself in it,” she gushed.

When asked about her preparation process for award shows, Sadie Sink says she doesn’t have one set routine or habit. She keeps it simple by chatting with her makeup, hair, and nail artists while she gets ready since she doesn’t get to see them too often outside of Los Angeles. 

There is one thing Sadie Sink refuses to do as she gets ready, though, and that is play music. “I can’t handle the pressure of being a DJ,” she joked. So, while other stars may be having dance parties to get hyped up or sing-alongs to get them in the mood for the red carpet, Sadie Sink keeps things low-key and conversational.

Ultimately, Sadie Sink was passed over for the Best Young Actor/Actress award (it went to Gabriel LaBelle from Steven Spielberg’s The Fablemans instead), but she still seemed to have a good time at the awards show, where she got to see her co-star Brendan Fraser win the Best Actor category.