Netflix Cancels Fan-Favorite Crime Comedy Series After One Season

By Britta DeVore | Published

Netflix’s 2024 docket was looking promising when the streamer revealed what can only be described as one star-studded project after the other in both original films and television shows. But, if the network’s first big project out of the gate is any clue, they may need to think their formula as The Brothers Sun has been scrapped following just one season.

With a cast led by Academy Award-winning actress and overall badass, Michelle Yeoh, the action comedy series seemed like it couldn’t miss but instead of delivering punches via viewership numbers, The Brothers Sun instead got sucker-punched with a cancellation. 

The Brothers Sun On Netflix

Flying side-kicking its way onto the platform during the very first days of the new year, The Brothers Sun had all the makings of another hit series for Netflix.

Backed by co-creators Byron Wu and Brad Falchuk, the man who has previously worked alongside Ryan Murphy to deliver such favorites as Glee, American Horror Story, Scream Queens, and Pose, the martial arts-heavy series was incredibly promising.

Plus, with Michelle Yeoh, hot off her award circuit sweep for Everything Everywhere All at Once, in the driver’s seat, how could the production not claim an immediate spot on the Top Ten?

Performed Well On Release

The thing is, The Brothers Sun did actually perform well upon its January 4 release. The title basked in the glory of Netflix’s Top 10 for an English-language series for an impressive 5 weeks, with its best spot being in the No. 2 position.

Still, this wasn’t quite enough numbers-wise for the streamer to keep it on deck for a Season 2 renewal as its 7 million views during its open week quickly dropped to well below 2 million during its final two weeks on the Top 10.

Meet The Sun Family

the brothers sun

In The Brothers Sun, audiences are introduced to the Sun family, with mother, Mama Sun (Michelle Yeoh) and her youngest son, Bruce (Sam Song Li) living in Los Angeles, while her eldest child, Charles (Justin Chien) continues the family business abroad in Taipei, Taiwan.

The Family Business

the brothers sun

The family business is one of deception and illegal activities as, unbeknownst to Bruce, his family is at the head of a criminal enterprise. When Charles discovers that his mother and brother are in danger, he travels to California to protect them, only to find out that his mom has been keeping a few secrets of her own. 

Michelle Yeoh Stars In The Brothers Sun

the brothers sun

Recently new to the industry, The Brothers Sun was a great stepping stone for both Justin Chien and Sam Song Li to attain a better foothold in Hollywood.

For Michelle Yeoh, her career will be untarnished by the production’s cancellation as the revered actress already has a handful of projects coming down the pike. There’s her role in Jon M. Chu’s Wicked films and her first foray into James Cameron’s otherworldly franchise, Avatar, where she’s set to appear in both the third and fourth installments. 

Moving Forward Without The Brothers Sun

the brothers sun

As for Netflix, as one of the world’s most sought-after streaming services, they’re no doubt brushing the dust from their shoulders and preparing to move forward from The Brothers Sun.

Just one title in a sea of projects that include the Millie Bobby Brown-led fantasy flick, Damsel, and the David Benioff, D.B. Weiss, and Alexander Woo-adapted series, 3 Body Problem, there are plenty of other promising productions premiering in March alone. 

Source: Deadline