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Star Trek Is Boldly Conquering Streaming

The beloved TV series Star Trek debuted on NBC on September 8, 1966, and almost didn’t make it beyond its …

2 weeks ago

star trek kellerun

Star Trek Actor ‘Pissed’ About Discovery Finale Twist

Star Trek: Discovery has been a rollercoaster of quality for long-time fans of the franchise, but the recent series finale …

1 month ago

everything everywhere all at once Netflix

The Star Trek Discovery Fight One Guest Actor Took Too Far

One of the more divisive aspects of Star Trek: Discovery is that it had many fight scenes, especially in the …

1 month ago

Blade Runner 2099 Gets Another Red-Hot Actress To Join Series

From the halls of East Highland High School to the sci-fi world of Blade Runner 2099, Euphoria star, Hunter Schafer, …

1 month ago

The Mel Brooks Remake No One Even Knew Happened

People always say that Blazing Saddles could never have been made today, but that’s objectively false. Not only was it …

2 months ago

wake up dead man

6 Actors That Need To Appear In Knives Out 3

Last week came the official Netflix announcement that the third film in Rian Johnson’s Knives Out franchise would be Wake …

2 months ago

Gerard Butler Sequel Gets Release Date After Over Half A Decade

Gerard Butler’s Den of Thieves 2: Pantera finally has a release date. The film is a direct follow-up to the …

2 months ago

Star Trek: Starfleet Academy Casts Holly Hunter In Leading Role

Holly Hunter is joining Star Trek. According to Variety, Hunter has been cast as a lead role in the upcoming …

2 months ago

michelle yeoh blade runner

Michelle Yeoh Joins The Most Anticipated Sci-Fi Sequel Series In Years

Michelle Yeoh is entering the world of Blade Runner. According to Variety, the Oscar-winning Everything Everywhere All at Once actress …

2 months ago

Michelle Yeoh To Receive Greatest Award Possible

Michelle Yeoh is about to receive the greatest award possible: the Presidential Medal of Freedom. The 61-year-old actress will be …

3 months ago

star trek discovery

Star Trek Discovery Reveals Beloved Hero Caused Millions to Die?

Even if you’re a hater, the Star Trek: Discovery episode “Mirrors” is worth watching because of a crazy revelation: that …

3 months ago

Michelle Yeoh Is Coming To Save Star Trek

Star Trek movies have been missed, with the last film in the series coming out way back in 2016. Oscar-winner …

4 months ago

Star Trek Origin Story Movie In The Works

Variety released a massive feature about the future of the Star Trek franchise, and there is plenty in there for …

4 months ago

Michelle Yeoh And Vin Diesel Cast In Video Game Series Adaptation You Can Watch Right Now

Streaming service Paramount+ has delved once again into the realm of video game adaptations, creating their newest TV series Ark: …

4 months ago

Netflix Canceled Eight Shows And One Has Fans Furious

Netflix has recently axed five shows simultaneously, including Glamorous, Agent Elvis, Farzar, and Captain Fall. However, the cancellation of Shadow and Bone, which had …

4 months ago

michelle yeoh

Netflix Breaks Michelle Yeoh’s Heart

Everyone knows the feeling of getting attached to a new Netflix show, only for the streamer to cancel the show …

5 months ago

Netflix Cancels Fan-Favorite Crime Comedy Series After One Season

Netflix’s 2024 docket was looking promising when the streamer revealed what can only be described as one star-studded project after …

5 months ago

haunting in venice

Disney+ Murder Mystery Thriller Makes You See Ghosts

Streaming giant Disney+ recently added one of last year’s spookiest films to its on-demand library, thrilling fans of the genre. …

5 months ago

star trek: discovery

Star Trek’s Most Controversial Series Canceled  And That’s The Best Possible Outcome

Once upon a time, former Paramount+ flagship show Star Trek: Discovery was going to get a spinoff dedicated to Section …

5 months ago

See Michelle Yeoh In Star Trek Section 31 Movie First Image

One of the best parts of Star Trek: Discovery is coming back, as Michelle Yeoh’s Phillipa Georgiu takes center stage …

6 months ago

michelle yeoh

The Netflix Action Thriller Hit Series With A Star Trek Leading Actress

Just one year after she won an Academy Award for her multiverse-hopping work in Everything Everywhere All at Once, Michelle …

6 months ago

star trek logo

All The Star Trek Movies Currently In The Works

With the alarming rate at which we get updated on developing projects, shelved projects, series renewals, and series cancellations, it’s …

6 months ago

The Disney+ Sci-Fi Action Thriller Blockbuster With An A-List Star

Vin Diesel is most well-known for his portrayal of Dominick Toretto in the Fast and Furious Franchise. But during his …

6 months ago

The Netflix Action Crime Series Starring An Oscar Winner

One of the biggest names in action, Academy Award winner Michelle Yeoh may be best known for her butt-kicking roles …

6 months ago

Disney Kills Oscar Winner’s Series After One Season

Disappointing fans of Oscar-winning actors Ke Huy Quan and Michelle Yeoh, Disney+ announced that it would not renew the action …

7 months ago

star trek 4

Star Trek Movie Sets Production Date, Finally Happening

Next year, Michelle Yeoh will boldly go back to the Star Trek universe. Superhero Hype reports that the anticipated Start …

7 months ago

star trek section 31

Star Trek: Section 31 Movie Finally Underway?

Now that the writers and actors strikes have concluded, all projects that weren’t canceled are getting back to work. Since …

8 months ago

michelle yeoh blade runnmer

Marvel Wasted Huge Stars In These Disappointing Roles

MCU casting can be hit or miss sometimes. For every Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, there’s a Tilda Swinton …

11 months ago

michelle yeoh

Michelle Yeoh Stars In A Blockbuster Hit That’s A Streaming Success Years After Release

Michelle Yeoh starred in Crazy Rich Asians, a record-setting romantic comedy.

1 year ago