The Netflix Action Thriller Hit Series With A Star Trek Leading Actress

By Britta DeVore | Published

michelle yeoh

Just one year after she won an Academy Award for her multiverse-hopping work in Everything Everywhere All at Once, Michelle Yeoh is back in action in Netflix’s recently released series, The Brothers Sun. The title, which dropped on the streamer earlier this month, is one of many highly anticipated projects to come from Netflix over the next year. Also featuring leading performances from Justin Chien and Sam Song Li, the comedy with a hefty side of family drama and high-octane action, is the perfect binge for your next stay-at-home day.

The Brothers Sun Streaming On Netflix

michelle yeoh

Michelle Yeoh plays a protective mother with secrets in The Brothers Sun. The series sees Yeoh’s Eileen living a seemingly normal life with her youngest son, Bruce (Song Li), in Los Angeles after the duo packed up their lives in Taiwan and moved to the United States. Meanwhile, back in the Taiwan capital Taipei City, Bruce’s older brother, Charles (Chien) is living a secret life known only to his mother and father. 

The Secret Revealed

While visiting his mother and brother in Los Angeles, Charles’s life of violence as one of the most revered and feared members of his family’s gang begins to surface with Bruce learning this deep and dark secret for the first time. Charles reveals that he’s come to the sunny California city to keep his mother and brother safe after an assassination attempt on his father. As the secrets begin to boil to the surface, Michelle Yeoh’s mama bear also reveals that she was fully aware of the family’s true roots and, throughout The Brothers Sun, shows that she’s a force to be reckoned with – especially when you mess with her children.

The Creators

michelle yeoh

The eight-episode series debuted on Netflix all at once in a perfect blaze of glory with Michelle Yeoh’s involvement giving it legs. Along with Byron Wu, The Brothers Sun is the shared brainchild of Brad Falchuk who has previously stood behind such titles as Glee, American Horror Story, Pose, and Scream Queens. As of right now, no plans for a second season have been revealed but the series met mostly positive reviews from critics and audiences alike meaning there’s always a chance for another chapter in the story.

Yeoh In High Demand

michelle yeoh

Even if the series was greenlit for a sophomore season, Michelle Yeoh would have plenty of other projects to get through before she could reach the start line for The Brothers Sun. This year alone, the Oscar winner has two titles coming out – the first one being Paramount’s animated feature, The Tiger’s Apprentice, and the second being Jon M. Chu’s Wicked: Part One. Beyond these, she’ll be busy cracking away at the second part of Wicked with James Cameron’s Avatar 3 and 4 also in the cards.

Other Notable Netflix Hits

michelle yeoh

Aside from the Michelle Yeoh-led The Brothers Sun, Netflix has a slew of other big shows and movies coming over the next year. The streamer just dropped its limited drama series, Griselda, as well as its comedic heist film, Lift. 2024 also welcomes movies like the Millie Bobby Brown-led Damsel and Eddie Murphy’s return to the mean streets of Beverly Hills in Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley.