Netflix’s Griselda Has Critics All Saying The Same Thing

By TeeJay Small | Published

The Netflix original miniseries Griselda is set to premiere on the streamer next week, to a wide net of audience anticipation. Early reviews have just begun rolling in to social media and other sources like Rotten Tomatoes, where critics have unanimously agreed that the series is a major hit, resulting in a 91 percent certified fresh critic score on the review aggregate site. This should come as no major surprise, as the team behind the series has an extensive history of bringing crime stories such as this to life.

A Career High For Sofia Vergara

The prevailing opinion across social media seems to be that Griselda is a career highlight for the beloved comedy icon. Some critics have called the pacing and tone of the mini-series underwhelming, though nobody can deny Sofía Vergara’s groundbreaking performance. The series is set to take place over the course of six episodes, with Griselda Blanco fleeing her home city of Medellín to escape poverty and danger, only to become Miami’s biggest drug kingpin.

Stylish But Slow Pacing

sofia vergara

The series has been referred to as “stylish and absorbing” by Paste Magazine, though Hollywood Handle had critiques for the pacing of the first several episodes. Though the series is billed as a limited mini-series, fans have already begun to wonder if the show will leave room to expand into a second season and beyond. With so many stories to tell from the criminal underworld, Griselda could serve as a jumping-off point for additional true-crime stories.

An Electrifying Performance From Sofia Vergara

FandomWire called Sofía Vergara’s performance as Griselda Blanco “electrifying” in a wave of near-universal praise for the 51-year-old actress. Vergara has signed on to produce the show in addition to appearing in the lead role, while Andrés Baiz will be directing each episode. Like Narcos, the show is set to be a gritty and realistic depiction of the true events, with some artistic liberties in place to fill in informational gaps or provide narrative structure.

The Story Of Griselda Blanco

Griselda stars Strays and Modern Family star Sofía Vergara in the titular role, as real-life drug kingpin Griselda Blanco. The notorious drug trafficker immigrated to Miami, Florida in the 1980s from her home country of Columbia, where she lead teams of drug runners to distribute cocaine in mass quantities. The now-deceased criminal mastermind was given titles such as The Black Widow and The Cocaine Godmother by crooks and cops alike due to her massive notoriety.

Griselda was created and developed by Doug Miro, Andrés Baiz and Carlo Bernard, who all previously worked on the hit Netflix crime drama Narcos, starring Wagner Moura and Pedro Pascal. As native Columbians, both Sofía Vergara and Baiz hold a personal and cultural attachment to the story, which is being funded by Latin World Entertainment. Based on early reviews, it seems clear that the team behind the hit Pablo Escobar narrative haven’t lost their touch since the series concluded in 2017.

Griselda Is Available To Stream On Netflix Starting January 25

Griselda is slated to premiere on Netflix on Thursday, January 25, with all six episodes dropping at once. The series will surely be worth binging if you have the time, though it may leave you begging for more. If history is any indication, it should be no surprise that fans have gotten hooked on what Griselda Blanco has to offer.