See Michelle Yeoh In Star Trek Section 31 Movie First Image

By Jonathan Klotz | Published

One of the best parts of Star Trek: Discovery is coming back, as Michelle Yeoh’s Phillipa Georgiu takes center stage in the upcoming Paramount+ film, Star Trek: Section 31. Teased by producers for years, the film will be the first time that fans get to see behind the scenes of the Federation’s shadowy counterpart. The project has been shrouded in almost as much mystery as the secretive organization, but there’s proof that it’s finally happening.

Michelle Yeoh Photographed On Set

This image doesn’t show much, but it’s enough to see Michelle Yeoh holding up the clapperboard emblazoned with Star Trek: Section 31 as proof of life for the long-simmering movie. Not much image can be gleaned from it, as “Set 3” and “Scene 65A” mean nothing without seeing the script. Yet, it’s hard to state how excited this has made Trek fans after Picard came to an end, and the franchise’s future is in doubt.

What Is Section 31?

star trek section 31

First mentioned back in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode “Inquisition,” which aired in Season 6 as Episode 18, Section 31, can be thought of as the organization that goes where the Federation won’t and undertakes extreme measures to get the job done. Michelle Yeoh isn’t the first star to play a morally dubious agent of the organization; that honor goes to William Sadler, who played Luther Sloan in “Inquisition.” Since then, there have been a dozen operatives across multiple series and timelines.

Section 31 Made It To The Big Screen Already

Benedict Cumberbatch’s Khan Noonan Singh from Star Trek: Into Darkness was part of Section 31 in the Kelvinverse timeline, originally working with Starfleet Admiral Alexander Marcus (Peter Weller). The organization isn’t nearly as prominent as it will be in the Michelle Yeoh film, as this time, it’s the target of Khan’s revenge plot. Still, it’s interesting how, in this timeline, a high-ranking Federation official was fingered as being part of the group since, in the mainline universe, it’s still a dirty little secret.

A New Side Of The Star Trek Universe

We don’t know the details of how Georgiou will be involved with Section 31 in the film, but Michelle Yeoh is the perfect star to get across the conflict usually associated with morally grey actions that benefit the greater good. To some fans, that’s not a good thing, as there is a point to be made that the organization runs against Gene Roddenberry’s utopian vision for Star Trek. On the other hand, everyone is far more jaded today than in the 1960s, which makes the group a great fit for the modern political climate.

The Future Of Star Trek

A lot of hope is riding on Michelle Yeoh with Star Trek: Section 31, as Star Trek: Discovery has already been canceled ahead of its Season 5 premiere this year. Strange New Worlds is working on Season 3, and Lower Decks has solidified itself as one of the best parts of the franchise, but its what’s happening behind the scenes that will determine the franchise’s future. No movie has yet to be greenlit since Star Trek: Beyond, no new series has been officially announced, and Paramount is putting itself up for sale.

It’s that last piece of news that can impact Star Trek forever. There is a chance that Section 31 is the last project under the current ownership, and if that’s the case, then what will happen to the storied sci-fi franchise? As with the secret organization, the future will be determined away from the eyes of the public, but for now, we can’t wait to see what Michelle Yeoh does with the spotlight.

Source: Paramount