Star Trek Origin Story Movie In The Works

By Douglas Helm | Published

Variety released a massive feature about the future of the Star Trek franchise, and there is plenty in there for fans to get excited about. Not the least of which is a possible “origin story” film that would show the beginnings of the main timeline of the entire franchise. That is a pretty general description, but it would definitely be a very unique addition to the upcoming Trek projects.

Before Enterprise

The supposed Star Trek origin story film would be written by Seth Grahame-Smith (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter) and to be directed by Toby Haynes (Andor, Black Mirror: USS Callister), but details are very scant other than that. Based on the brief description alone, this series would take place before The Original Series and maybe even before Star Trek: Enterprise, which is the earliest era of Trek we’ve seen so far. Perhaps this movie would be showing us how Starfleet and the Federation were formed, but we’ll likely have to just sit tight until Paramount Pictures decides to release more details about the project.

Star Trek 4 Is Happening

star trek movie

In any case, Paramount Pictures seems to be increasing its efforts to bring Star Trek back to the big screen. Along with the Star Trek origin story movie, the studio is reportedly still planning on making the “final chapter” of the JJ Abrams Kelvin Timeline films. The most recent news is that Steve Yockey is writing a new script for the film, so this seemingly confirms that stars like Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana, and Zachary Quinto will return to reprise their roles once again

Section 31

Paramount Pictures is also focused on bringing Star Trek films to the small screen alongside big-screen efforts like the origin film and Star Trek 4. Filming was recently completed for Michelle Yeoh’s TV movie Section 31, which is a spy thriller that Yeoh described as “Mission: Impossible in space.” Yeoh has also said she would be willing to return for a sequel if Section 31 ends up being a success.

The Picard Follow-Up

Alex Kurtzmann, who is in charge of Star Trek’s growing TV universe, is reportedly also looking to make additional TV movies, like a potential Picard follow-up. The final season of Picard was one of the most well-received Star Trek TV projects in recent memory, so fans would undoubtedly be glad to see this come to fruition. Still, it would be nice to hear more solid news about Star Trek 4 and the origin story films, so we had some idea as to when those would come out.

More Spin-Offs On The Way

While the Star Trek origin story film and Star Trek 4 slowly move forward behind the scenes, the Trek TV universe is alive and well. Along with the Michelle Yeoh TV movie, the first young adult Trek series, Starfleet Academy, is in the works. Fans can also look forward to the fifth season of Discovery premiering in April, along with future seasons of Lower Decks and Strange New Worlds.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 will premiere on April 4. Other release dates are yet to be announced. Stay tuned, and we’ll keep you updated on these release dates along with any updates about the origin story film.

Source: Variety