Damsel Trailer Lets Millie Bobby Brown Become A Fantasy Action Hero For Netflix

By Robert Scucci | Updated

Millie Bobby Brown is starring in a new Netflix original fantasy film called Damsel, and the streaming giant just released the official trailer for our eyes to feast upon. By the looks of it, we’re about to get whisked away into a vibrant world full of dragons, betrayal, and possibly ritualistic sacrifice. Though no official release date has been announced, we can expect the upcoming movie to be available on Netflix sometime in 2024.

It’s no mystery that Millie Bobby Brown is ready to move on from Stranger Things, and now that we’ve seen the Damsel trailer, it’s clear that she’s been hard at work between production runs of the popular science-fiction horror series that made her a star.

While it’s been reported that season 5 of the Duffer Brothers series is about to go back into production now that the SAG-AFTRA strike has come to an end, the unfortunate reality is that filming will take several months, and then we have to consider post-production. But while we’re waiting to see what happens to Eleven and co, we don’t have much longer to wait to see what Damsel is all about as Millie Bobby Brown shifts gears, and chooses to use a sword as her weapon of choice instead of Eleven’s telepathic powers.

Filming for Damsel took place in Portugal between February and July 2022, and the trailer shows us that the production crew took advantage of the stunning architecture and landscapes. After witnessing the cinematography for yourself, you’ll probably wonder why this movie is going straight to Netflix, and not getting the big-screen treatment with a wide theatrical release.

The Damsel trailer centers on Millie Bobby Brown’s Princess Elodie, who agrees to marry into Prince Henry’s family. But what she doesn’t know is that she’s just a pawn in the royal family’s game, and they have other plans for her. In order to repay an ancient debt, the royal family plans to sacrifice Princess Elodie, and she has to rely on her intuition and unbreakable will to overcome this deadly deceit.

While series like Stranger Things occasionally tread into lighter territory filled with comic relief and idiosyncratic quirk, the Damsel trailer shows us that the 19-year-old actress has dramatic range that she’s obviously been eager to explore for some time.

Instead of battling Vecna, a Mind Flayer, or a Demogorgon, Millie Bobby Brown will be seen slaying a fire-breathing dragon, and look like a total badass while doing so. Though Damsel is new territory for Brown, her signature glare before facing a worthy adversary is something that she’s clearly had plenty of time to perfect while portraying Eleven for the better part of the past decade.

If you’re not yet sold on checking out Damsel upon its 2024 Netflix release, we strongly advise that you watch the trailer. The upcoming movie might not have a killer ’80s soundtrack like Stranger Things, but you’ll find that the orchestral score is a much better fit for what’s playing out on your screen than the Kate Bush song that’s still stuck in our heads.