Stranger Things Season 5 Reveals Very First Scene

By Jason Collins | Published

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Netflix’s popular Stranger Things is expected to premiere sometime in early 2025 since the production is severely hindered by the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike. However, the showrunners and marketers behind Netflix’s streaming stage curtains do everything in their power to keep the show relevant and build up the hype for the upcoming season, and in their latest effort, they have revealed the very first scene of the upcoming Stranger Things Season 5.

Stranger Things Season 5 Opens WIth A Familiar Song

The reveal of Stranger Things Season 5’s first scene actually comes in the form of a strip tease describing a rather chilling opening scene, thus setting the tone for the final season of the show. The script reveals what is likely the beginning of the cold open for upcoming Episode 1 of Season 5, similar to how every season so far has opened up—with a flashback. Considering that the previous season opened up with Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill,” we can expect the scene to feature a flashback scene of Max singing the song as a child.  

It Could Hint The Return Of Eddie Munson

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There’s also some speculation that the Stranger Things Season 5 scene and the child singing a familiar song could refer to the flashback of Eddie Munson as a child singing Metallica’s “Master of Puppets.” This speculation arose when the writers revealed that the upcoming episode will be titled “The Crawl,” which is presumably connected to the song’s lyrics containing “Come crawling faster…”

There’s also Eddie famously playing the song on a guitar during the Season 4 finale. But this is just speculation and not in any way indicative of what may come to be when the season premiers.

Season 5 Is The Final Season Of Stranger Things

The script tease provides fans with a sneak peek into the mysterious and ominous atmosphere that awaits them in the upcoming seasons of one of the most popular horror television shows of recent times, and considering that WGA concluded their strike several weeks ago, the writing on the final season has resumed.

The fiercely anticipated Season 5 of Stranger Things has been heavily delayed due to dual writes and actor strikes, but with actors now back at their laptops, the teases can finally roll out to re-engage the fandom and build up the hype surrounding the series.

Don’t Expect To Watch Season 5 Anytime Soon

However, considering that the SAG-AFTRA strike is still ongoing, the filming of Stranger Things Season 5 won’t be able to commence until SAG-AFTRA and AMPTP reach an agreement—negotiations are scheduled to resume today, presumably without the interference of studios’ CEOs.

To be entirely honest, and we believe we’re speaking for the entirety of the fandom and audience, we can’t wait for the strike to conclude so that the work on our favorite streaming and television IPs can continue.

Will There Be A Time Jump In Season 5?

There’s also a matter of the passage of time, which definitely isn’t helping; the young cast is out-aging their characters. The production team could digitally de-age the actors, but with the use of machine learning and AI technologies being one of the pain points in the current strike, that might not be a possibility. Ultimately, the hair, makeup, and wardrobe teams working on Stranger Things are pretty exceptional, so de-aging for Season 5 would likely be achieved with makeup.