Actors Strike Viewing Final Studio Offer, What Happens If It Fails?

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Published

actors strike

It’s been 116 days since SAG-AFTRA, the performers’ union, joined the WGA on strike on July 14. While the writers’ union came to an agreement with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) on September 27 after 148 days of striking, the actors’ strike has continued. Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the AMPTP has submitted their “last, best, and final offer” and they’re telling SAG-AFTRA to take it or leave it. 

The SAG-AFTRA Is Busy Analyzing A Final Offer From The AMPTP

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In a statement issued on Sunday night, the TV/Theatrical Negotiating Committee of SAG-AFTRA announced that they had dedicated an entire day (and much of the night) to analyzing and discussing the counterproposal from the AMPTP. They also revealed that these deliberations would extend into the following Monday, indicating the gravity of the decision at hand. The committee promised to keep actors on strike updated as they progressed in their assessment of the studios’ offer.

The studios’ proposal was delivered on Friday to a select group of SAG-AFTRA negotiators and was formally presented to the negotiating committee on Saturday. While it was characterized as the final offer, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be. The nature of such declarations in labor negotiations can be ambiguous, as parties sometimes make adjustments even after proclaiming their offers to be final.

The Proposal Addresses AI, Pay, And Streaming Concerns


The latest proposal from the studios reportedly includes provisions related to AI, pay increases, and a success-based streaming bonus. Notably, the proposed streaming bonus departs from the revenue-sharing model that the union initially sought.

Over the course of the actors’ strike, many union members have spoken out against the minuscule pay (if they received any pay at all) they received for extremely popular shows like Orange is the New Black or Gilmore Girls that surely bring in large amounts of revenue on streaming platforms like Netflix.

The Deal Is Believed To Offer Significant Concessions To Actors

However, the AMPTP seems to believe that their latest offer is an incredible deal for the actors on strike. One source on the studio side described the offer as being “worth more than three of the last deals put together.” This could mean that the deal involves significant concessions made by the studios to reach an agreement with the union.

However, even if the studios are being generous in their proposal to the actors on strike, it doesn’t mean they will continue singing that tune for long. A source from the studio side said that if a deal is not reached by the end of this weekend or the beginning of next week it could signify the end of negotiations.

If A Deal Is Not Met, The 148 Day Actors Strike Could Last A Lot Longer

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The actors’ strike has already had a profound impact on the entertainment industry and the broader California economy. Coupled with the 148-day writers’ strike that concluded in September, these work stoppages have resulted in an estimated $6 billion loss for the state’s economy, according to a projection by Milken Institute’s chief global strategist, Kevin Klowden.

Hollywood Is Left In Shambles As The Strike Continues

As SAG-AFTRA continues to deliberate on the studios’ latest offer, the entire entertainment industry remains on tenterhooks, eagerly awaiting the union’s decision and hoping for an end to the actors’ strike that has disrupted both the lives of its members and the economic stability of California.