Netflix Sci-Fi Adventure Is A Mind-Bending Multi-Dimensional Roller Coaster

By Christopher Isaac | Published

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If Everything Everywhere All at Once piqued your interest in Asian, quirky action comedies, Super Me might scratch a similar itch for you. Super Me actually predates the winner of the 2023 Academy Award for Best Picture, which is an interesting coincidence given the similar concepts behind both movies. Super Me originally came out in 2019 but became available for streaming in 2021 and is currently on Netflix.

Super Me On Netflix

The Chinese movie stars Darren Wang as Sang Yu and focuses on a scriptwriter who is down on his luck and really struggling to make something out of his career that is not going as he had hoped.

Between the drudgery of his job, he still has big dreams and aspirations for the future. So big, in fact, that he cannot help but bring pieces of his dreams back with him into reality.

Sang Yu begins to feel like something of a superhero destined for greatness, thus why the movie is called Super Me.

Newfound Abilities

Once Sang Yu realizes the ability he now possesses, he starts using his dreams to begin targeting priceless artifacts so that he can steal them back into the real world for profit, seemingly finding an easy solution to his career woes.

But as the plot of Super Me unfolds, our protagonist realizes his newfound abilities do not come without consequences and unwanted attention.

While Sang Yu does indeed become rich, he starts paying a heavy price in other ways from individuals who do not have good intentions for him.

Divisive With Critics

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Directed by Zhang Chong, reviews praised the movie’s imagination and unique qualities.

However, also similar to Everything Everywhere All at Once, Super Me proved divisive with critics. Some enjoyed the quirky fantasy nature of the film, while others found its message disjointed and too overwhelmed with stylistic choices over substance.

It is a movie that leaves people with some strong feelings, but it does provide some interesting subjects to mull over even after the story is finished. It deals with a lot of philosophical concepts asking the viewer to consider what reality actually is.

A Thrilling Ride

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However, if you just want a fun, memorable movie, Super Me provides that as well. Beyond all the Matrixlevel questions about what is real or not, the movie also has demons, gangsters, and super powers all thrown together for some exciting set pieces.

Some critic reviews compare watching the movie to being on an amusement park ride full of twists and turns and a fun time, even if the deeper questions the movie asks do not wind up resonating with you.

A Good Run-Time

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Plus, if longer movies are not your thing, another area where Super Me differs from Everything Everywhere All at Once is their runtimes.

The latter was commonly criticized for being almost two and a half hours long, whereas Super Me is a much more easily digestible traditional time around an hour and a half.

Not that longer movies are bad, but some people do struggle to find the time for them amidst busy schedules.

Stream Super Me On Netflix

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If you are interested in a lot of surreal scenes, alternate realities, quirky characters, and some thought-provoking questions, give Super Me a try! You can find it available for streaming on Netflix right now.