The Best R-Rated Comic Book Epic Of All Time Becoming TV Series

By Jacob VanGundy | Published

Zack Snyder’s first comic book movie adaptation may return soon, as a 300 TV series has entered early development at Warner Brothers. The historical action movie, which came out in 2006, helped to make Snyder a household name and establish the visual style that has defined his work ever since. The director and several other producers involved with the making of the movie are in talks to return for the series. 

300 Makes A Lot Of Sense As A Series

gerard butler 300

300 was an adaptation of the graphic novel of the same name made by writer and artist Frank Miller and colorist Lynn Varley. It loosely told the story of the famous Battle of Thermopylae during the Grecco-Persian Wars, in which a group of Spartans held off a much larger Persian force. Focused on King Leonitis of Sparta, it’s an action-filled war film focused on exaggerated, highly stylized combat. 

Mocked And Parodied But A Massive Blockbuster

The film version was a major success that left a huge pop culture imprint in its wake, which the 300 TV series will certainly be looking to recapture. The movie earned $456 million at the box office on a budget of $60 million, making it a massive financial success. It also spawned a 2014 sequel starring Eva Green and numerous parodies, references, and homages. 

Zack Snyder May Be Involved

The 300 TV series is still very early in development, so behind-the-scenes details are scant. However, Zack Snyder is being considered to executive produce and direct the series, with all of the film’s original producers potentially coming back for the follow-up project. Other details like platform, writers, and casting all remain unknown. 

Getting original cast members back for the 300 TV series would be a huge bonus for fans. The most exciting return casting would be Gerard Butler, who played King Leonitis, a role he has been synonymous with ever since. The film also featured significant performers like Lena Heady and Michael Fassbender, who would be great returning faces for the franchise. 

Plot Is Under Wraps But We Have An Idea

Plot details about the 300 TV series are also a mystery this early in development. Some sources have claimed it will be a prequel to the movie, but nothing has been confirmed. If it is a prequel it could be centered around the first Persian invasion of Greece, which came a dozen years before the second invasion depicted in the film. 

300 Is A Long Ways Off

Regardless of how the 300 TV series proceeds, it will have to forge a new path as it won’t be able to draw from Frank Miller’s graphic novel. The film covered the entire plot of Miller’s comic, with the less successful sequel 300: Rise of an Empire telling an original story based on a different battle. With many of the first movie’s most iconic moments coming straight from the comic, the show may struggle to replicate its success without that strong foundation to lean on. 

It’s probably too early to get excited about the 300 TV series, as projects this early in development often fall apart well before production begins. However, the return of such an iconic franchise could be huge if it could tap into 2000s nostalgia. The project is worth keeping an eye at the very least.

Source: Variety