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Ezra Miller

Ezra Miller Unable To Be Located By Court After Recent Allegations

The latest legal situation surrounding Ezra Miller gets darker and darker each day, with accusations on both sides.

2 years ago

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson Created A Billion-Dollar Franchise With One Phone Call?

Dwayne Johnson is the kind of Hollywood mogul who can make or break franchises with a phone call, as this story demonstrates.

2 years ago

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson Is Set To Be Given His Own DC Comic Series

Dwayne Johnson is the closest thing we have to a real-life comic book character, so it makes sense he is getting his own series.

2 years ago

two-face movie

Exclusive: Two-Face Movie In Development From Joker Director

According to our trusted and proven sources, the Jokerverse is going to be expanding with a gritty new Two-Face movie.

2 years ago

dwayne johnson

See Dwayne Johnson Join Another Billion-Dollar Franchise In New Trailer

Dwayne Johnson continues his domination of Hollywood with the trailer for this new, potentially billion-dollar franchise starter.

2 years ago

patty jenkins wonder woman

Lynda Carter Fires Back At Controversial Wonder Woman Claim

Legendary Wonder Woman actress Lynda Carter has some weirds for people who try to gatekeep Themyscira’s champion.

2 years ago

henry cavill superman

Henry Cavill Returning To DC In New Superman Solo Movie?

We have not seen Henry Cavill’s version of the man of steel in some time, but insiders have word on a new project.

2 years ago

blue beetle

DC Wants To Recruit A Director Who Hates Comic Book Movies

Well, that sounds like a great plan.

2 years ago

ben affleck batman movie

Exclusive: Ben Affleck Offered Huge Deal To Return As Batman And Lead Major Crossover Project

Ben Affleck is almost done with Batman, but our trusted and proven sources say he is being tempted back by Warner Bros with a huge deal.

2 years ago

idris elba
Dwayne Johnson

See Dwayne Johnson Give Fans The Best Look At The Black Adam Costume In New Video

Black Adam won’t be in theaters until October, but nothing will stop Dwayne Johnson’s media blitz about his upcoming DCEU character.

2 years ago

the cw arrowverse the flash

Exclusive: All DC Shows On CW In Danger Of Cancellation Within Two Years

The Arrowverse may be on its last legs.

2 years ago

dwayne johnson the rock black adam

Exclusive: Dwayne Johnson Eyed To Be Focus Of DC Films Moving Forward

Will The Rock be cooking everything for the DCEU?

2 years ago

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson Releases New Look At Black Adam

Black Adam might be continually delayed, but that does not stop Dwayne Johnson from giving us a few sneak peeks at himself in character.

2 years ago

josh brolin outer range
dwayne johnson black adam

See Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam Showcase Hero’s New Look

The anticipation for Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam is building, and we have a look at one of the many new superheroes in the movie.

2 years ago

Zatanna movie

Exclusive: Zatanna Movie In Danger Of Being Cancelled

According to our trusted and proven sources, Warner Bros is starting to doubt the magic in a live-action solo Zatanna movie.

2 years ago

George Pérez

An Avengers Legend Has Died

Legendary comic book artist and writer George Pérez worked for both DC Comics and Marvel Comics on pivotal titles and events. RIP.

2 years ago

josh brolin cable

Josh Brolin Wants To Play An Elderly DC Hero

Josh Brolin is interested in finally getting to play one specific DC character, but only as the older version of the famed hero.

2 years ago

dwayne johnson

Dwayne Johnson Movie Already Getting Spin-Offs

An upcoming film from Dwayne Johnson is already getting spin-offs, but is that because it’s a guaranteed success or fear of failure?

2 years ago

susan sarandon

Susan Sarandon Is Replacing Sharon Stone As DC’s New First-Rate Villain

Legendary actor Susan Sarandon has signed on to play a new villain in an upcoming DCEU movie, that also features a first for the company.

2 years ago

james gunn dcu

Fan-Favorite The Suicide Squad Hero Appearing In Peacemaker Season 2?

James Gunn has hinted that a Suicide Squad fan-favorite character may appear in Peacemaker season two, but dare we get out hopes up?

2 years ago

the flash

See The First Look At The Flash’s Newest Hero

This could certainly open the door for an actor to replace them in The Flash

2 years ago

winston duke

Winston Duke Is A New Bruce Wayne In Batman Unburied

Black Panther frenemy Winston Duke is set to portray Bruce Wayne in a new star-studded Batman project, but there’s a twist.

2 years ago

misha collins

Misha Collins Spills Surprising Story Details For His New Role As A Major DC Villain

While Misha Collins is best known for playing Castiel on Supernatural, he has a wide-ranging career.

2 years ago

ezra miller the flash

Ezra Miller’s DC Fate Has Reportedly Been Decided

Reports say that Warner and DC executives held an emergency impromptu meeting on March 30 about Ezra Miller and their legal troubles.

2 years ago

suicide squad ayer cut

See Leslie Grace Celebrate A Key Batgirl Moment In Full Costume

Batgirl star Leslie Grace recently celebrated a milestone in the upcoming HBO Max production, and we’ve got her in full costume.

2 years ago

the flash ezra miller

Exclusive: The Flash Movie Features Cameos From Adam West, Christopher Reeve, And More

A trusted and proven inside source for Giant Freakin Robot has shared that Adam West and Christopher Reeve will be in The Flash.

2 years ago