Ezra Miller Unable To Be Located By Court After Recent Allegations

The latest legal situation surrounding Ezra Miller gets darker and darker each day, with accusations on both sides.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

Ezra Miller

The newest controversial situation surrounding film star Ezra Miller has just gotten more so. As we previously reported, the latest of the many, many legal situations involving them started when the parents of 18-year-old Tokata Iron Eyes filed an order of protection against Ezra Miller. Lawyer/activist Chase Iron Eyes and pediatrician Sara Iron Eyes alleged in the legal documents that Miller had been grooming their child since the age of twelve. A court judge approved the interim order Tuesday, but per the Los Angeles Times, the petition states “the Court cannot locate or serve” Ezra Miller. Both Miller and Tokata Iron Eyes’ location appears to be currently unknown. 

According to Chase Iron Eyes and Sara Jumping Eagle, a visit by Ezra Miller to the North Dakota Standing Rock Reservation in 2016 resulted in Miller taking “an immediate and apparently innocent liking”  to their child. They allege that over the course of the subsequent years, Miller groomed Tokata Iron Eyes, introduced them to illegal drugs, and encouraged them to drop out of the private school they were attending. The parents also claim in the documents that the then-25-year-old Ezra Miller flew the then-14-year-old Tokata Iron Eyes to England to visit a studio where Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was being filmed. 

Iron Eyes’ parents allege that Ezra Miller uses “violence, intimidation, threat of violence, fear, paranoia, delusions, and drugs to hold sway” to control their child and claim that they found bruises on Tokata Iron Eyes’ body while visiting them at Miller’s home. They also claim that Miller has taken items such as “driver’s license, car keys, bank card” from Tokata Iron Eyes. Per People, Iron Eyes’ parents also claim that Ezra Miller does not allow people near them to carry phones for their own use. 

Tokata Iron Eyes has taken to social media several times in the last week to defend Ezra Miller. Iron Eyes clarified that they now go by the name Gibson and use they/them pronouns (the legal documents filed by their parents use their birth name and she/her pronouns), and posted this video on Instagram:

In an email sent to Rolling Stone regarding the allegations against Ezra Miller, Iron Eyes wrote “​​The notion that I have been brainwashed or that I’ve been coerced in any context is grotesquely false. My independence from my family in this way is new and complex, their reaction to my actions is not my responsibility, [and I’ve] tried to have civil, virtual interactions with both of them and failed.” In the video, they also stated they did not have a phone, but it was by their own choice.

Chase Iron Eyes stated in an interview with the Los Angeles Times that he and the court “have no idea of knowing where Tokata and Ezra [Miller] are to gain help from other jurisdictions.” The order bars Miller from contacting or harassing Tokata and Chase Iron Eyes and Sara Jumping Eagle for 30 days, as well as being required to stay 100 yards from the Iron Eyes residence. 
Ezra Miller is set to star in Warner Bros. often-delayed Flash movie, but there has been much speculation about their future with the DCEU franchise in the wake of the continuing and increasing allegations against them. We will update with information as it comes.