Ezra Miller’s Fate As The Flash Revealed

Are they out?

By Britta DeVore | Published

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For right now, it seems like Ezra Miller will continue to portray The Flash. Moving forward at the speed of light, the DC and Warner Bros. production has already filmed the feature and don’t have any plans of turning their backs on their leading star. With production wrapping back in 2021 and a premiere date eyed for 2023, there’s just no way that Warner Bros. is going to allow the entire film to be tossed in the trash and re-shot – even if its star has been on their worst behavior.

In case you missed the story that was plastered on the headlines, competing with the Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard trial that had started just one week earlier, Miller found themselves in several bouts of trouble with the law in Hawaii. In one case, Ezra Miller allegedly acted in a flash and broke into a couple’s bedroom, attempting to steal their passports and wallets. For this, they were slapped with a restraining order that was later dropped. But that, and several other damages, were already done. They were also arrested or taken into custody following alleged instances of harassment, disorderly conduct, and one traffic violation. And it somehow gets even worse. While some may chalk these instances up to mental health changes, surveillance footage from two years ago shows Miller seemingly choking a woman while outside of a bar in Iceland. 

With all these “yikes” moments piling up for the studios involved in the big budget production, fans began to call for Ezra Miller’s immediate removal from The Flash. The option put forward by many of these DC followers was to replace them with long running CW The Flash series star, Grant Gustin. A staple on the hit making network, Gustin has portrayed the role of Barry Allen aka The Flash over the past eight seasons of the show which will soon be heading into its ninth. Because Gustin has kept a clean profile in the public eye, fans of the comic book world have called on production to reshoot the action flick with Gustin taking over for Miller. 

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Unfortunately for the riled up fans, money talks and the likelihood of Warner Bros. and DC flushing their money down the toilet by reshooting all of Ezra Miller’s scenes in The Flash is zero percent. They absolutely need this film to rake in the big bucks of a theatrical release. Let’s face it, DC has had some shaky films and they just can’t afford to reshoot the feature or only allow it to drop on a streaming platform. 

Meanwhile, there’s also the topic of what Ezra Miller’s appearance in The Flash brings to not only the franchise but the communities they represent as well. An outly queer performer, Miller also identifies as non-binary – two facts that Warner Bros. and DC are most likely also hoping will put more butts in the seats. As we head into Pride month and take a look at representation in the entertainment industry, it’s obvious that there’s a huge lack of representation among queer performers in superhero flicks. The inclusion of Miller in the feature gives those marginalized communities the chance to see someone like them in the role of a butt kicking action hero.

At the end of the day, between those pesky COVID related setbacks and the amount of money dropped on the production of the Ezra Miller starring in The Flash, it seems the film’s fate has been set. With that being said, we’re sure that Warner Bros. and DC are holding their breath and hoping that Miller doesn’t makes better decisions in the future.