The Flash Movie: They’re Bringing In A Female Joker

By Josh Tyler | 4 weeks ago

The Flash Movie

The Flash first showed up in the larger DC Comics movie universe as an easter egg in Superman vs. Batman. Later he got a co-starring role in the critically panned and badly performing Justice League movie. That hasn’t stopped Warner Bros. from working on giving The Flash his own solo movie.

Here’s everything we know about The Flash movie so far.

The People Making The Flash Movie

The Flash Solo Movie

The Flash’s solo movie has had its ups and downs from start dates to writers to directors. Actor Ezra Miller, who played the character in Justice League, has always been attached to the project and at one point even penned a script himself that Warner Bros. eventually turned down.

Current information is that It director Andy Muschietti has been brought in helm a new script which is in the process of being written by Birds of Prey movie scriptwriter Christina Hodson.

The Flash Movie Cast

Ezra Miller as Flash

Ezra Miller is likely to return as Barry Allen, aka The Flash in The Flash movie. While audiences and critics alike weren’t exactly happy with the Justice League movie, few had any major issues with the actor’s portrayal of the Scarlet Speedster. He’s been attached to The Flash movie all along and he’ll almost certainly be in the costume when it finally gets made.

Matthew McConaughey


Recent rumors have suggested that Warner Bros may be looking at Matthew McConaughey to play the villain in the film. Reports claim the project’s producers have him at the top of their wish-list to play the Reverse-Flash. McConaughey is one of the few big stars who has stayed out of the superhero movie world so far. He’d be an excellent fit opposite Ezra Miller though, and it’s easy to imagine him in the Reverse-Flash costume.

A Female Joker

One of the more persistent rumors making the rounds about the script they’re using for The Flash is that the movie will gender swap several classic DC Comics villains. The biggest name that may go from male to female is the Joker.

Word is that a female version of the Joker will show up as part of the movie’s Flashpoint storyline. This is actually fairly in line with the comics, since Barry ends up in an alternate dimension where Batman’s entire backstory has been totally changed. In that new reality of the comic book storyline, Bruce Wayne was killed in that alley and his father Thomas Wayne becomes Batman. His mother, Martha Wayne, goes crazy and becomes the Joker.

As for who will play the female Joker, the latest rumor is that Warner Bros. is considering Maggie Gyllenhaal for the part. That would be an interesting twist, given her involvement in Christopher Nolan Batman films.

Gender-Swapping Other Villains

Jessica Chastain

Though Matthew McConaughey is currently the odds on favorite to play Reverse-Flash, there are other possibilities. Another villain potentially being gender-swapped is Reverse-Flash. In a script synopsis leaked on 4chan the leaker had this to say, “Barry Allen has the power of super speed, and fights daily against villains in Central City, but that doesn’t stop him from suffering for his mother’s death, but everything changes when he meets a mysterious woman, named Eobard Thawne, who teaches Barry a way to change his mother’s tragic fate.”

Along with the potential plot leak comes word that Jessica Chastain may be up for the role of Reverse Flash aka Eobard Thawne, in the The Flash movie. Time will tell if this somewhat shaky rumor pans out.

The Flash Solo Movie Plot

The Flash movie

When asked what The Flash movie will be about, director Andy Muschietti had this to say: “[The movie will be a] different version of Flashpoint than you’re expecting.”

Flashpoint is one of the more popular superhero storylines from DC Comics. It’s basically a time travel story in which the past is changed so that Barry Allen’s mother isn’t killed, which sounds great. But it also has some negative consequences like instead of Batman’s parents being killed in that alley, Bruce Wayne is killed meaning the world never gets Batman.

Thomas Wayne somehow becomes Batman instead and Martha Wayne becomes the Joker. Superman is captured by the government as a child and ends up in a government prison, never becoming Superman, and so on. Eventually in Flashpoint there’s a giant battle between the Amazon armies of Wonder Woman and the underwater armies of Aquaman.

To stop everything from going horribly wrong Barry Allen has to go back in time to stop his mother from being saved, and make sure she ends up dead. Some of this storyline has already been done (on a much smaller scale) in the Flash TV show. But the DC superhero movie universe is apparently ignoring the TV show so that doesn’t matter. It has also been done in an animated movie from 2013 called Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox.

Other Justice League Members In The Flash

Justice League movie

Warner Bros. will definitely want to connect The Flash movie to their larger superhero universe. Right now the two most successful parts of that universe are Aquaman and Wonder Woman. So word is that they want both of those characters in The Flash. Not only are they both reportedly going to be in The Flash, but they’ll be fighting each other.

As confirmed by the above scooper, WB wants both characters in The Flash but they haven’t gotten Gal Gadot and Jason Momoa to sign yet. It’s unlikely they’d recast, so if they won’t both do it, it won’t happen.

As indicated by the above scooper, one of the big goals here is to find a way to move the DC Comics universe characters that have worked, Aquaman and Wonder Woman, forward together. Meanwhile it lets them ditch the rest of the Justice League, the parts that didn’t work like Cyborg and Superman, moving forward.

This fits with previous rumors that Gal Gadot may show up in The Flash movie as Wonder Woman, but not the Wonder Woman we know. Since The Flashpoint plot being used involves a lot of time travel and dimension hopping, reports claim that Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince will actually be from an alternate universe and totally evil.

Part of that plot, which would help include Aquaman, would involve Aquaman’s Atlanteans at war with Wonder Woman’s Amazons. That’s a plotline from the comics and it would make total sense to include it here, in some alternate dimension visited by the Flash.

Another superhero cameo which may be played for The Flash movie could be the Flash himself. Not Ezra Miller’s Flash, but Grant Gustin’s Flash from the TV show. In a weird twist Ezra Miller has already been on the Flash TV show as the Flash, as part of their dimension-hopping Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline (more on that in a minute). So it makes sense that The Flash movie might return the favor and give Grant Gustin a cameo in their film universe.

Connecting To The DC TV Superhero Universe

Flash meets Flash

In addition to the movies they have in development, the DC Comics universe also has multiple superhero themed TV shows on the air. As previously mentioned, they even have a TV version of The Flash. Until recently, none of those shows have ever connected to any of the movies in any way. But that changed during the TV shows’ recent Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline, when Ezra Miller’s movie version of the Flash showed up and met the totally different TV version of his character played by Grant Gustin. Weirder still, during their meeting, the TV version gave the movie version his name.

During Crisis on Infinite Earths Part 4 on the CW, Grant Gustin’s Flash raced through the Speed Force into another dimension and found himself in a re-creation of S.T.A.R labs. Suddenly Ezra Miller’s Flash showed up in the same place, for reasons that are not explained. During the course of their exchange Grant Gustin reveals that he calls himself The Flash and Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen says the name back, in a way that makes it sound like he’s considering it for the first time and likes it.

Ezra Miller shows up on The Flash TV Show

Though Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen aka Flash has showed up in several different DC movies now, and though he wears the Flash costume, he has never actually called himself The Flash before. But now that he’s heard the name from Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen, it looks like that’s what he’ll call himself going forward in The Flash movie.

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