Nicolas Cage Sounds Done With Superheroes And We Can’t Blame Him

By Britta DeVore | Published

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During his incredible and – quite frankly – legendary career, Nicolas Cage has appeared in every genre and subgenre under the sun. And, while he’s happy to keep ticking along, happy to take almost any work that’s thrown his way, there’s one category of film that he’s not too eager to participate in anymore – comic book flicks. While he comes from a “never say never” line of thinking, he says that returning to any of those types of movies is just “not really on my mind.”

No Interest Now That The Cat’s Out Of The Bag

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There are a handful of reasons that Nicolas Cage is ready to leave his days in these specific types of action movies behind, with the actor sharing that once news broke about his expansive comic book collection, he was almost typecast into these roles.

He adds that what he’s really spending his reading time on these days are books like Nikolai Gogol’s The Overcoat and that he isn’t “12 years old with the NyQuil and the lemon cookies and The Incredible Hulk No. 72”. 

Nic Cage Is Moving On

And, although we’d love to see the home movies from this time in his life, we can totally respect where Nicolas Cage is coming from. The actor, who will soon celebrate the arrival of his A Quiet Place-adjacent sci-fi survival flick, Arcadian, is ready to tackle more nuanced pieces and not simply lean into action projects as his main focus. Adding, “That’s not who I am anymore,” the actor seems fully ready to move onto this next portion of his career that will drop him into more drama-heavy roles.

Getting More Select

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Also – for those who have enjoyed this era of Nicolas Cage’s life where he signs contracts for five or more movies a year, the actor says that time is swiftly coming to an end. The star reveals in his next chapter, he’ll be “more severe and stringent” about how he spends his time when it comes to his job. Unlike the last few years that have seen him churning out at least two movies per year, he says that number will be cut down to “one a year or every other year” as time goes on. 

Nicolas Cage famously accrued a massive amount of debt which has been the main reason that he’s taken just about any gig thrown his way in recent years, but it sounds like he’s all paid up and can be more choosy when it comes to what he attaches his name to. As anyone who’s battled their way through debt will know, it’s certainly no easy feat so we’re glad Cage is back above water.

Cage’s Superhero Roles

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Aside from growing out of his place in movies like Ghost Rider and Kick-Ass, Nicolas Cage’s experience in Andrés Muschietti and Warner Bros.’ The Flash certainly couldn’t have done the comic book genre any favors in his eyes.

The actor reprised his role as Superman in last year’s box office flop, a part that never saw the light of day as the Tim Burton movie of yesteryear was canceled before it could take flight. In previous interviews, Cage revealed that his small cameo in The Flash was changed from what he performed on set during his short filming window, not quite enjoying the artistic direction that it was taken. 

Next Up: Arcadian

Along with Arcadian, audiences can next see Nicolas Cage in the horror thriller Longlegs as well as the psychological thriller, The Surfer.

Source: Deadline