Ezra Miller Accused Of Theft By Other Artists

By James Brizuela | 3 weeks ago

ezra miller

Ezra Miller is a sinking ship that continues to gain water every week. The actor has been arrested too many times recently and things are seemingly getting much worse. Miller is now being accused of stealing music that did not belong to them. Apparently, the actor had started a budding music career before their erratic behavior began to hit the public eye. During his time when working with an up-and-coming rapper and producer, things began to go awry after Miller was shown some of the lyrics written by rapper Ghais Guevara. According to producer Oliver Ignatius, “Ezra’s behavior throughout this exchange was atrocious, belligerent, threatening, and incredibly aggressive.”

The verse of the song that set Ezra Miller off was highlighting the danger that women face at the hands of men. According to Ignatius, “They were completely triggered by the song which totally freaked me out because basic feminism is a really hard line. If we don’t agree that violence by a man against a woman isn’t something worth speaking on, then we don’t agree on much.” Shortly after this exchange, Ignatius quit on moral grounds. Miller then did the unthinkable by releasing the music that they had worked on with Ignatius and Guevara. Even the tracks that Miller was not part of were posted on Soundcloud without any of the artists’ permission to do so. Ignatius added, “They stole from artists that have fewer resources than them but maybe have art that Ezra wants… The person I thought I knew was a much gentler soul than the person that we’re seeing right now. It’s been a very concerning journey.” Both Ignatius and Guevara are speaking up so that this won’t happen to anyone else in the future. Miller clearly does not care about his behavior right now, and these artists don’t want anyone to have to fall for working with the actor after this instance.

Ezra Miller has had a string of odd and terrible behavior for months on end. For some reason, Miller doesn’t see the irreparable damage they are doing to their career. The actor has been arrested for assaulting patrons at bars in Hawaii but has not yet been thrown out of appearing in The Flash. They also are now allegedly stealing art from artists who are working to make bigger names for themselves when they don’t have nearly as much public exposure as Miller does. The Flash was meant to be the next big character in the DC film universe, and the actor is all but ensuring that he is not going to be moving forward in any future features. The fact that DC has not pulled the plug on the actor yet is confusing, to say the least.

Ezra Miller might need some counseling and AA meetings because there is something obviously going wrong with the once prominent actor. He is all but driving his reputation into a hole that they won’t be able to dig themselves out of. DC will have to make a choice about the future of their films soon, as things might get much worse in the coming weeks. Miller might not be cut out of The Flash, as it would likely cost too much money at this point, but there needs to be some clear cut distancing that Warner Bros and DC will need to publicly state before people choose to boycott this upcoming feature.