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willem dafoe

Willem Dafoe Has The Best Idea For Joker 2 With Joaquin Phoenix

The interviewer had the courage to ask Willem Dafoe about his long-standing pairing with the Joker, and surprisingly enough, he came up with an incredible idea for Joker 2.

2 years ago

joss whedon

Cancelled Director Joss Whedon Fires Back At Justice League Cast

Joss Whedon got into a bit of trouble in Hollywood when actors in the Justice League movie made accusations against him.

2 years ago

john cena peacemaker post-credit scenes

Peacemaker’s James Gunn Reveals The Number of Post-Credits Scenes

With three episodes already out, and five more on the way, there’s a big question to be answered: how many episodes are there, and should fans be watching for the Peacemaker post-credit scenes?

2 years ago

lauren cohan the walking dead

See The Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohan In Catwoman: Hunted

See Lauren Cohan in Catwoman: Hunted!

2 years ago

peacemaker review john cena peacemaker season 2

Peacemaker Review: Give James Gunn The DC Universe

Our Peacemaker review digs into the new James Gunn DC series starring John Cena as an idiotic superhero (or supervillain?) looking for redemption. And lots of bloodshed happens along the way.

2 years ago

sylvester stallone

Sylvester Stallone Wants To Play Batman

Sylvester Stallone wants to play Batman!

2 years ago

michael keaton batman

Michael Keaton Reveals The Very Good Reason He Abandoned Batman Forever

Now, on the precipice of playing The Caped Crusader again, Michael Keaton was gone more in-depth about how creative differences made him walk away from Batman Forever.

2 years ago

the batman robert pattinson

See Robert Pattinson And Colin Farrell In Gorgeous New Stills For The Batman

The Batman is starting to reveal more of its secrets, and some new photos involving Robert Pattinson and Colin Farrell give us our best look at the movie yet.

2 years ago

robert downey jr

Robert Downey Jr.’s DC Series Given Depressing Honor

The Robert Downey Jr. series is kind of honored?

2 years ago

john cena peacemaker

John Cena Demands A Jetpack In New Scene From Peacemaker

John Cena is returning as Peacemaker from The Suicide Squad in a brand new series for HBO Max, and we have a new clip that will give you a taste of what is to come.

2 years ago

peacemaker judo master

Peacemaker’s Judo Master Looks Eerily Familiar to DC Fans

Fans can’t stop pointing out how familiar Peacemaker’s Judo Master looks.

2 years ago

ben affleck the flash batman

Exclusive: Ben Affleck’s Fate In The Flash Revealed

Now, Giant Freakin Robot has learned from a trusted and proven inside source what happens with Ben Affleck’s character in The Flash.

2 years ago

the batman trailer the batman theme

The Riddler Taunts Robert Pattinson In Epic New The Batman Trailer

The newest Batman trailer further teases so, and Paul Dano recently divulged that he took a lot of cues from the Zodiac killer when drawing inspiration for his role.

2 years ago

the batman streaming

Here’s When The Batman Is Headed To Streaming

Although it won’t be released until next year, The Batman has now confirmed that it will release for streaming, but not right away.

2 years ago

the flash

The Flash Will Feature A Major Superman Villain, Our Scoop Confirmed

After seeing a teaser trailer that featured not only Ben Affleck’s Batman, but the return of Michael Keaton’s older Bruce Wayne, it’s hard to imagine that The Flash could fit in much more star power.

2 years ago

dc legion of super-heroes

DC Writer Excitedly Reveals Legion of Super-Heroes Series In Development At HBO Max

A fan-favorite DC Comics writer just announced a Legion of Super-Heroes animated series!

2 years ago

Batman michael keaton

Michael Keaton Is In Batgirl, Our Scoop Confirmed

A new press release has confirmed Giant Freakin Robot’s previously shared exclusive scoop where we reported that Michael Keaton is set to appear in Batgirl. 

2 years ago

the batman hbo max neal adams

The Batman’s Villain Heavily Inspired By The Godfather

The highly-anticipated Matt Reeves iteration of The Caped Crusader is gathering more and more attention as of late. When speaking …

2 years ago

Zoe Kravitz

Zoe Kravitz Prepared For Catwoman Role In A Bizarre Way

Now, it’s the young Zoe Kravitz that will take on the role of the feisty feline for the upcoming film, The Batman.

2 years ago

Robert Pattinson

See Robert Pattinson’s Batsuit Up Close In New Images From The Batman

Robert Pattinson tells Empire, “There’s a bullet graze on the cowl, right at the beginning. I don’t think that’s been done before.”

2 years ago

gal gadot wonder woman

Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman Is In Shazam 2?

As per a recent report, Gal Gadot is all set to reprise her role as the Amazonian warrior Diana Prince, a.k.a. Wonder Woman.

2 years ago


First Look At Anticipated DC Series Reveals Winged Aliens

We are getting our first look at the new DC series Naomi which will introduce a new character in what looks like a very cool story.

2 years ago

batman robert pattinson

Robert Pattinson Gets A Whole Lot More Violent In The Batman’s New Trailer

Ramping up for theatrical debut this spring, the gritty dark footage depicts The Riddler taunting not only Robert Pattinson’s Batman himself but apparently Bruce Wayne as well.

2 years ago

grant gustin the flash

The Flash Just Added A Major DC Hero To The Cast

The Flash has been one of the most comic-accurate series that has ever been created. Now there is a new character that is set to be revealed in The Flash Season 8.

2 years ago


Anticipated DC Series Just Cast Law & Order Star

The new series, Naomi, is being made for its growing list of their DC-related lineup. She will be involved in a six-episode reoccurring role.

2 years ago

black adam 2 dwayne johnson

Dwayne Johnson Delivers The Intensity He Promised As Black Adam In New Photos

Dwayne Johnson dials up the intensity in new Black Adam photos!

2 years ago

dwayne johnson black adam

See Dwayne Johnson As Black Adam In The Best Look At His Costume Yet

Check out this great new look at Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam costume!

2 years ago

ryan gosling

Exclusive: Ryan Gosling In Talks To Join DC Universe

Now, a trusted and proven inside source for Giant Freakin Robot has shared that Ryan Gosling is in talks with DC for a new role.

2 years ago

batgirl movie

First Pic From Batgirl Reveals Surprising Role For Barbara Gordon

Not much is known about HBO Max’s foray into the world of the caped crusader. Just this year the streaming …

2 years ago

john cena peacemaker

See John Cena Shock Fans With Appearance At Peacemaker Costume Contest

Keeping with his pristine stage skills at wooing a crowd, John Cena introduced himself (as if he had to) and joked with the crowd.

2 years ago