Peacemaker’s James Gunn Reveals The Number of Post-Credits Scenes

By Faith McKay | 4 months ago

john cena peacemaker post-credit scenes

Peacemaker premiered on HBO Max on January 13, 2022. The streaming service dropped the first three episodes of the new series from James Gunn all at once. Already, fans are checking out The Suicide Squad spinoff series starring John Cena in a big way. With three episodes already out, and five more on the way, there’s a big question to be answered: how many episodes are there, and should fans be watching for the Peacemaker post-credit scenes?

There will be eight episodes total, with one episode releasing on the streaming service every Thursday at 3:00 AM EST. As for the Peacemaker post-credit scenes, filmmaker James Gunn answered this question himself, and if you’ve already watched the early episodes without checking for post-credit scenes, you’re going to want to go back and take another look at what’s available.

That’s right. Every single episode of Peacemaker will have a post-credit scene for fans to check out. Filmmaker James Gunn is one of the few individuals to work for both Marvel and DC, and he clearly has an idea of what it is that comic book genre fans want. He’s also set to surprise them, by going as far as he ever has with his new work, which is saying something for him.

What can fans find if they go back now and watch the Peacemaker post-credit scenes? Without giving too much away, the first episode includes another moment between Peacemaker and his father reviewing the available helmets. The second episode includes a scene with Amber and Evan. In the third episode, an additional moment with Harcourt and Vigilante is added in. Often post-credit scenes will hint more at what’s ahead, and while these do that, they’re also deeper looks at what the audience just watched.

Not only does the series have post-credits scenes, but it also has an opening credits sequence that winks to 1980s glam metal rock. To say that it’s unexpected seems very fair. You can see the opening credits sequence below:

While the Peacemaker post-credits scene are a treat we won’t spoil for you in too much detail, the opening credits are fair game, and they’re something people are actually watching. John Cena, the actor who plays Peacemaker for DC, has said that the idea of the opening sequence really scared him. The actor shared with Collider that he does not know how to dance, so he knew this would be something he would be bad at. He kept asking himself if he was enough for this project and suffered a lot of self doubt. He considers the opening credits a success though because audiences keep telling him that they forgot to even click the “skip intro” button, they were too transfixed by the opening.

If you’re loving Peacemaker and its post-credit scenes, you’re not alone. Our reviewer on Giant Freakin Robot scored the new James Gunn project highly. Audiences and critics at large are agreeing. Rotten Tomatoes has Peacemaker at a 94% rating from critics and 86% from audiences. Like The Suicide Squad, the new series is full of big risks with violence and potentially offensive content. That it’s doing so well with audiences speaks to a connection between Gunn and his audience. Hopefully, he’ll find time in his schedule for season two sometime soon.