Exclusive: JJ Abrams Met With Kevin Feige For Marvel Project

By Faith McKay | 3 months ago

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JJ Abrams made a huge name for himself as a director of blockbusters. Directing both Star Trek and Star Wars movies is bound to catch some major attention. While there was a moment where his name was in the headlines for one project after another, he doesn’t have much on his plate as a director right now. It has appeared that he’s funneled his efforts into producing, with many projects announced in that area, including a Superman film for DC. It hardly seems like he will stay out of the director’s chair for long though, especially with what we’re hearing. A trusted and proven inside source for Giant Freakin Robot has shared that JJ Abrams has had talks with Marvel boss Kevin Feige about a future project.

Kevin Feige talking to JJ Abrams about a future Marvel project makes sense, though signing him on for a project may be a controversial move. While JJ Abrams has plenty of fans, Rise of Skywalker was met with mixed reactions by the Star Wars fandom. It will be interesting to see how Marvel fans react if he does sign on as a director for the franchise.

At this point, we can only report that the two have talked, that Kevin Feige wants JJ Abrams to direct something, and that it was about a Marvel project. We can’t predict if JJ Abrams will sign on or not. We were also unable to confirm what project Kevin Feige brought up with the director. Was it a project that fans already know about? Was it a story that hasn’t been announced yet? With both Star Trek and Star Wars in the director’s past, it wouldn’t be all that surprising if it’s a story that takes place in space, like Guardians of the Galaxy and parts of Eternals. It seems most likely that Kevin Feige wants him to direct a movie, but it is entirely possible that he could want Abrams to work as a director on a new series. Marvel has plenty of them in the works, and JJ Abrams has worked in television in the past.

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One of the biggest Marvel projects that fans are waiting on news for is the Fantastic Four film. No Way Home director Jon Watts is reportedly still signed on for that one, which is one of the few pieces of confirmed news on the project, though it’s expected to release soon. While there hasn’t been anything for X-Men, that’s definitely a major franchise, something that might interest JJ Abrams, and something that Marvel fans are waiting for news for. Could Kevin Feige have something special for X-Men in mind with the director?

JJ Abrams definitely brings his own style and his own intense fans, which would be a big plus for Marvel. While he’s working as a producer for DC, and has a long history as a Superman fan, it will be interesting to see what might tempt JJ Abrams, and what Kevin Feige has in mind for him as he continues to expand the Marvel Cinematic Universe.