Exclusive: Ben Affleck’s Fate In The Flash Revealed

By Faith McKay | 8 seconds ago

ben affleck the flash batman

The Flash is promising to be a major event for DC. One of the most talked about surprises for the movie is the return of Ben Affleck as Batman. He’ll be reprising the role alongside Michael Keaton’s Batman, who hasn’t been seen on screen in over three decades. With two Batmans, and the Multiverse at play, anything could happen in the upcoming movie. Now, Giant Freakin Robot has learned from a trusted and proven inside source what happens with Ben Affleck’s character in The Flash.

Our source shared that Ben Affleck’s Batman will die in The Flash. This news is surely going to be a hit to fans of Batfleck. Four months ago, we previously learned that Ben Affleck would not return for any more appearances in the character after The Flash. After that, we learned that the studio was extending his scenes specifically so that they could give his character a better send-off. It sounds like those involved are working to make sure his death scene will be as well done and as final as it possibly can be.

As a major superhero franchise, DC must understand that audiences know comic book character deaths are rarely final. The people watching The Flash have seen a lot of comic book heroes come back to life. Most would expect to see Batman die and then be magically resurrected a few scenes later, if not in a sequel. The Flash has its work cut out for it to make sure that audiences will accept that his death is real and that Ben Affleck won’t be back to play the character again. Everything Giant Freakin Robot has learned makes it sound like a final death is their intention.

ben affleck the flash

Our source shared that Ben Affleck’s Batman will die in The Flash. They did not reveal how this death scene will happen or how it will be made final for audiences. It seems like the appearance of Michael Keaton as Batman will be important. Previously, we exclusively reported that Keaton will be playing Batman in Batgirl, something that the studio has now publicly confirmed. It makes sense to assume that Michael Keaton will be playing a major part in taking over as Batman for the DC Extended Universe.

For his part, Ben Affleck doesn’t seem unhappy about his character’s death. Of course, he can’t say much about it, since the movie has yet to release, but he has given hints. In recent interviews, he has said that Justice League was a difficult movie for him to make due to issues in his personal life at the time. When speaking about The Flash, he told Variety that the movie was “a really nice way to revisit that”. Prior to this, he had cancelled some projects and said that he “couldn’t crack it”, citing the pressure of the films as too much while he was struggling with recovery from alcohol addiction. It would make sense that closing his chapter with DC in a satisfying way would mean a lot to the actor. Hopefully, the storyline will truly be satisfying for audiences as well.