The Riddler Taunts Robert Pattinson In Epic New The Batman Trailer

By Erika Hanson | 4 weeks ago

the batman trailer

Warner Bros. is continuing to build on The Batman momentum. As the March 4th premiere of the film nears, the studio has once again released another The Batman trailer. The new teaser gives plenty of fresh new scenes featuring Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz as the Bat and Cat duo, but it also hones in on one of the villains set to wreak havoc on Gotham, The Riddler.

See the latest The Batman trailer below:

The third trailer for the upcoming film from Matt Reeves depicts Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz teaming up to take on The Riddler as more of the protagonist’s plans for the city are revealed. Leaving an ominous message for Batman and even taking the time to video chat him, the trailer further depicts how Eddie Nash isn’t just teasing the vigilante, but Bruce Wayne himself as well. Being touted by Warner Bros. as the “Bat and Cat” trailer, the new look also gives viewers a look into the complex relationship between Batman and Catwomen-even teasing at a possible kiss between the two superheroes. 

robert pattinson the batman trailer

As one of Gotham’s most notoriously well-known villains, Eddie Nash, also known as The Riddler has been taunting Batman since his first appearance in the DC Comic in 1948. A criminal mastermind who takes delight in incorporating riddles and puzzles into his antics as a way to taunt authorities, The Riddler has long been a fan-favorite character in the series. He has been previously portrayed in live-action by Frank Gorshin and John Astin in the 1960’s Batman series, and Jim Carrey in 1995’s Batman Forever. While Carrey’s portrayal of the supervillain may remain the most notable, it remains highly criticized for not embodying the sinister characteristics that made the character popular to begin with. Now, as Little Miss Sunshine’s Paul Dano is set to take the mantle, fans of the beloved character are hopeful the actor will be able to redeem the role of the puzzle master as he takes on Robert Pattinson.

the batman trailer the riddler

A long time in the works, Matt Reeves’s rendition of the beloved comic follows a darker noir twist not depicted since Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy. With Robert Pattinson donning the bat suit this time around, the ensemble cast features plenty of familiar faces alongside Robert Pattinson, Paul Dano, and Zoe Kravitz, including Jeffrey Wright as Commissioner Gordon, Andry Serkis as Alfred Pennyworth, and Colin Farrell as The Penguin. Slated to be set during Bruce Wayne’s early days as Gotham’s caped crusader, Batman is set to take on the Riddler as he targets Gotham’s elite. 

While we hopefully won’t see Paul Dano jaunt around Gotham in tight green spandex, the build-up and secrecy surrounding the Riddler is tantalizing to fans who hope to see a darker side of the villain. The newest Batman trailer further teases so, and Paul Dano recently divulged that he took a lot of cues from the Zodiac killer when drawing inspiration for his role. With the excitement for the film continuously building, the world will get to see the new and improved Riddler alongside Robert Pattinson on March 4th.