Lynda Carter Fires Back At Controversial Wonder Woman Claim

Legendary Wonder Woman actress Lynda Carter has some weirds for people who try to gatekeep Themyscira's champion.

By Britta DeVore | Published

Lynda Carter

Happy Pride Month! June is a time for celebrating who you are and not hiding who you love from the world. Unfortunately, we live in a society that still seems to take issues with the idea of love. But, don’t worry Wonder Woman er, Lynda Carter, is here to take some of the brunt of the bigotry. Recently, the actress posted a message sharing her support for the LGBTQIA+ family and mentioning that she was looking forward to joining in the joy alongside her fans who are members of the community. Queue hateful responses targeted at Carter and her spreading of acceptance.

Close-minded followers immediately descended on Lynda Carter’s post commenting that Wonder Woman wasn’t for gay people. First of all, fictional characters are fiction, so they’re available to be role models for everyone and second of all, it seems as though this person and others like them forgot where Wonder Woman came from. The character originated on the island of Themyscira where only Amazon women live… If you think there’s nothing gay about that, you need to check yourself. 

But I digress. Being the strong-willed woman that she is, Lynda Carter went in Lasso of Truth a-blazin’ and hilariously corrected the troll by saying that the DC superhero was in fact for bisexuals. Digging more into it, the star told her haters that they must not be “paying attention” if they don’t think Wonder Woman is a queer icon. She goes on to share how happy and prideful it makes her feel when members of the community approach her to tell her just how much Wonder Woman means to them and their journey to becoming themselves.

As anyone who has faced down a bigot before will know, there’s nothing they hate more than being argued with and asked to face themselves and their outward hatred. The ex-fan shot back at Carter by calling her a “disappointment” stating that the actress was no longer her hero. Unfazed by another idiotic hot take on a character she’s been tied to since the mid-1970s, Lynda Carter posted one more photo of herself, fists up, joking that she was ready to stand up to queer people’s “homophobic relatives.” While she ends the post’s caption by saying she’s joking, she tags on “Or am I?” which makes us cheer her on even more.

Lynda Carter originated the role of Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman for three seasons on the ABC turned CBS series, Wonder Woman which would rebrand itself as The New Adventures of Wonder Woman for its final two seasons. While her tenure as the character was short-lived, Carter made quite the impression. Not only is Wonder Woman an icon for the queer community, but she also did a lot to shape the lives of women everywhere, who were used to male-dominated stories making their way onto television screens. 

In more recent years, the role of Wonder Woman has gone to actress Gal Godot who has played the crime-fighting superhero in two solo films. In the latter film, Wonder Woman 1984, Lynda Carter came back to make a super speedy appearance in a post-credit scene as Amazon warrior, Asteria. Whether Carter will return to the franchise again is left up in the air, but to us, she’ll always be an icon. Happy Pride everyone!