See Dylan O’Brien Replace Ezra Miller In The Flash

By Nathan Kamal | 30 seconds ago

Dylan O''Brien Flash

We are at an interesting place in pop culture in which every day seems to bring the potential for a film star to be suddenly replaced in a massive pop culture franchise. In this particular case, there is an increasingly loud fan outcry for Flash star Ezra Miller to be removed from Warner Bros. DCEU and exchanged for an actor whose behavior has not been worryingly erratic. One of the most popular choices online to potentially take on the role of Barry Allen is Dylan O’Brien of MTV’s Teen Wolf and we have got some fan art of him as The Flash to prove it. Check it out: 

An Instagram user with the handle has mocked up Dylan O’Brien as The Flash, and it honestly looks pretty good. While Ezra Miller has had a few different looks as The Flash so far (including Barry Allen classic, time-travel suit Barry Allen, and future dystopia-tease Barry Allen), this is a pretty traditional take on the Scarlet Speedster. Dylan O’Brien is also portrayed as The Flash with glowing orange eyes and crackling lightning around him, which has pretty much become the de facto DCEU indication that he is running really, really fast. The caption to the image indicates the rumor that we might be getting a new Barry Allen but acknowledges we still do not know anything for sure. 

While Dylan O’Brien is one of the popular choices to potentially replace Ezra Miller as The Flash, he is not the only one. There is also fan support for Grant Gustin to take over as Flash-Prime, after having portrayed Barry Allen in the CW’s Arrowverse continuity since 2014. There was even a scene in the Crisis on Infinite Earths CW crossover event that had Grant Austin and Ezra Miller to come face to face as parallel versions of the superhero, so there is precedent in place for there being more than one person to be The Flash. 

Whether we get a Dylan O’Brien Flash or a Grant Gustin Flash or some entirely different actor taking on the role, it is very much up in the air what will happen with Ezra Miller. The actor’s public image has grown increasingly toxic after a seemingly never-ending series of allegations against them. Most recently and potentially most severely, Miller was accused of grooming a (then) underage individual by their parents, and currently cannot be located by a tribal court to be served legal action. 

At one point, it seemed that The Flash was going to be positioned as the tentpole character of the DCEU series of films, but all the controversy seems to have put the kibosh on that plan. While Dwayne Johnson will reportedly be the focus of the shared universe after his debut in Black Adam, we could still hang on to the character with a different actor. And if we are going to do that, we could do a lot worse than Dylan O’Brien as The Flash.