Amazon Prime Video has become a major player in the world of steaming with massive television shows and franchises.

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COVID Killing Businesses: Men’s Wearhouse Goes Bankrupt

The economic impact of the Coronavirus has been staggering, with numerous small businesses being forced to close their doors permanently and once seeming invincible corporations declaring bankruptcy.

4 years ago


Amazon And Google Have Banned These Racist Items After Accusations

An investigation found racist products being sold on e-commerce giants Amazon, Google, and Wish.

4 years ago

Jeff Bezos Sets Record For Most Money Made In A Single Day

Jeff Bezos is the founder and current CEO of As an American entrepreneur, he owns the Washington Post and the space company, Blue Origin.

4 years ago

Where To Watch Stargate Streaming: Every Episode And Movie Online

Let them know it’s worth the money.

4 years ago

The Best Amazon Shows Streaming Now And Coming Soon

These are the best Amazon Original Shows on Amazon Prime Video.

4 years ago

Alexa And Other Digital Assistants Have Joined Black Lives Matter

Alexa has more than 70,000 skills and can integrate with thousands of third party products such as smart bulbs, wireless speakers, smart displays, wire-free camera systems, and other home devices.

4 years ago

Lyft Encouraging Their Drivers To Go Work For This Other Company Instead

Uber and Lyft have seen their services, and therefore their drivers, become unnecessary.

4 years ago

The Best Online Shopping Alternatives To Amazon

Amazon dominates the world of online shopping but that doesn’t mean it’s the only place to spend your money. If you love the ease and comfort of making your purchases in your bathrobe, you need Amazon alternatives.

4 years ago

How Best Buy Survives In An Amazon World

Electronic giant Best Buy is going through something of a renaissance. In an economy dominated by the behemoth known as …

4 years ago

How To Buy A Car Online And Get It Delivered

In the market for a new or used car but dread the thought of going to a car lot? Not …

The Expanse

What Happened To The Expanse? Why Is It On Amazon Prime Instead Of SYFY TV?

What happened to The Expanse? If you’ve checked your upcoming TV schedule you probably wondering where it is. Don’t worry, …

The Man in the High Castle

Amazon Greenlights The Man In The High Castle, Details Here

Amazon has taken a unique approach creating original content. They produce pilots and let folks watch them and vote for …

9 years ago


Doctor Who Is About To Vanish From Amazon Prime Instant Video

Ruh roh. Last month word spread that Netflix’s contract with the BBC was about to end, resulting in the streaming …

9 years ago

man in the high castle
The Man in the High Castle

Check Out This Clip From Amazon’s The Man In The High Castle Adaptation

Amazon Studios’ pilot season, where audiences can watch the first episode for a variety of new shows and vote on …

9 years ago

Amazon Launches The Man In The High Castle As Part Of Their New Pilot Season

We just found out that one potentially cool sci-fi-themed project at Amazon isn’t going to happen, as news came down …

9 years ago

the after

Amazon’s The Man In The High Castle Pilot Gets A Full Synopsis, Read It Here

Every year it seems like there’s at least one interesting sci-fi-themed option in Amazon’s audience participation based pilot season. X-Files …

9 years ago

Luke Kleintank

Amazon’s The Man In The High Castle Casts Luke Kleintank As Its Lead

Legendary sci-fi writer Philip K. Dick’s work has been a frequent visitor to the big screen, with movies like Blade …

10 years ago


Amazon VS. Hachette, Now With More Poorly Quoted George Orwell

Amazon’s spot in the news over the last few months has nothing to do with their potentially forthcoming drone delivery …

10 years ago

Amazon Studios Adds Philip K. Dick’s The Man In The High Castle To Pilot Season

Alternate versions of history are a staple of science fiction. The what-if nature is an ideal fit for the genre, …

10 years ago

amazon drone

FAA Further Delays Drone Deliveries

Remember when Amazon got people all excited when it announced that it would soon offer deliveries by drone? At the …

10 years ago


Robots To Replace Fast Food Workers And Run Amazon Warehouses

“They took our job!” may soon be the battle cry of fast food and warehouse workers across the world. We’ve …

10 years ago

Amazon Prime Adds Defiance, Just In Time To Catch Up For Season 2

Amazon and Netflix have been engaged in an ongoing scuffle over exclusive streaming content for a while now, even aside …

10 years ago

the after

Star Trek: The Original Series Blu-Rays Are 77% Off On Amazon Today

If you’ve never checked out the remastered and upgraded version of Star Trek: The Original Series, you are seriously missing …

10 years ago

The Terminator Anthology, Riddick, And Smallville Top Amazon’s Deals Of The Day

Times are tough out there, you don’t have to tell us. We’ve considered downgrading to a Medium-Sized Freakin’ Robot but …

10 years ago


Beer By Drone? Not If The FAA Has Anything To Say About It

Lakemaid Beer, a Minnesota brewery, has been doing a great service for ice fishermen: it’s been delivering them beer — …

10 years ago