Amazon Just Renewed A Series With A 100% Critical Score

By Doug Norrie | 1 month ago

amazon studios

When it comes to the streaming wars, even though there are considerably more outlets now for shows to land, just getting there doesn’t mean you will stay forever. We’ve seen platforms and production houses move on from series even when the decision seemed to be more than a little curious. Well, Amazon just made a decision on a show that has been scoring essentially perfectly with critics through its first season. Deadline has it that With Love will be coming back for the second round of stories. 

With Love is currently sitting at 100% on Rotten Tomatoes with most feeling that the positive message and overall solid vibes of the Amazon show were what helped carry the story through the first season. While none would put it in the award-winning category, from a series perspective the story about the Diaz siblings was what helped bring a heartwarming vibe to the show. There was a feeling that they leaned into the sappier parts of the relationship and the development of the family vibes was what helped to carry the day. A little on the corny side? Sure, but there is a place for that these days. 

The Amazon series stars EmeraudeToubia as Lily Diaz and Mark Indelicato as Jorde Diaz Jr., her younger brother. With Love follows the two through a number of different holidays throughout the calendar year. The series focuses on their relationship as well as the larger family dynamic including the relationship with their parents played by Benito Martinez and Constance Marie. Other characters include Isis King as the Diaz siblings’ cousin, and Vincent Rodriguez as Henry, Jorge’s boyfriend in the series. 

Gloria Calderon Kellett developed With You for Amazon and is acting as the series showrunner. And Kellett pulls double duty on this front, also acting as the showrunner for Netflix’s One Day at a Time. That one is a remake of the 1970s series by the same name. The series is updated for a mode modern day and age with the show moving from Indiana to Los Angeles and centers on a single mother who is a military veteran suffering from PTSD while also raising her children. The series was nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Multi-Camera Picture Editing for a Comedy Series. 

With Love had a limited run on Amazon for its first season, going only five episodes in total that all aired in December of last year. Each episode had a holiday as its theme starting with “Nochebuena” and ending with “Dia De Los Muertos”. On the awards front, the series was nominated for Outstanding Series at the GLAAD Media Awards. It lost to Hacks from HBO Max. With the news that With You has been renewed for a second season with the expectation that we could see it premiere and release along the same timeline as the first run. That would put it on a December timeline for this year, resolving the cliffhanger that ended the first season. 

We will have more news on With You from Amazon as details are released.