The Boys Season 3: The Boys Becoming Supes?

We have gotten two seasons and now its greenlit for a third. So, what do we know about The Boys season 3?

By Rick Gonzales

The Boys season 3

Executive producer Seth Rogen was instrumental in bringing The Boys to light. The word that The Boys season 3 was happening first came from him while speaking at the Comic-Con: At Home conference in July. Through Digital Spy he said, “Because this show has fans and it is watched by people like you, they have decided to renew it. So, if you like The Boys, you’ve got more of it. Thank God.”

Let us start off by saying this (at the chance of repeating ourselves): Amazon’s The Boys is one great show. It has done a wonderful job bringing the comic book series, co-created by writer Garth Ennis and designed and illustrated by the other co-creator Darick Robertson. Of course, there have been a few tweaks here and there (story and characters) but for the most part, the series has remained faithful to the fun, gory, and naughty nature of its source material.

We have gotten two seasons and now its greenlit for a third. So, what do we know about The Boys season 3? As an FYI, there may possibly be some season 2 spoilers ahead, so proceed with caution. Or dive head-long into it with reckless abandon!


The Boys season 3

It took a while, but in January 2022 — almost a year and a half since the released of season 2 — Amazon announced the release date for The Boys season 3 with a brief teaser. The video reveals both a little and a lot about what to expect from the upcoming season. There’s no dialogue — just Starlight and Homelander standing side-by-side during a photo op. As the photographers snap away, the camera closes in on Homelander, whose usual rock-hard veneer is crumbling as his instability finally begins to show. The teaser ends with the release date reveal — Friday, June 3, 2022. Like in the previous seasons, The Boys season 3 will consist of eight episodes. Assuming the release format follows that of seasons 1 and 2, then the first three episodes of the new season will become available on June 3, with the 5 remaining chapters released weekly on Fridays. You can see the announcement teaser below.


The Boys season 3

Let’s go back to the beginning. In this case, The Boys season 3 plans on going back to one of the originals. Solider Boy is the name of one of the original superheroes on The Boys comic universe and one of Kripke’s pals is being brought on board to portray him. This would be Jensen Ackles, fresh from the hit series Supernatural, which just so happens to be another one of Kripke’s creations.

In the comic, Soldier Boy is the leader of sorts of Payback, which was the superhero team before the Seven was created and consisted of Tek Knight, Stormfront, Swatto, Mind-Droid, Crimson Countess, Eagle the Archer, and Soldier Boy. He is considered the original superhero and his upcoming presence is going to cause a lot of havoc for the new Seven.

Jensen Ackles
Jensen Ackles

On bringing Ackles on board for The Boys season 3, Kripke said that Ackles wasn’t even on his radar when he was looking to fill the role. He told Entertainment Weekly, “My assumption was, he’s just finished his 15 years [on Supernatural]. I can’t imagine he wants to dive into another project,” Kripke says. “But, as luck would have it, he called me for a completely other issue. He wanted to pick my brain about a project.”

It was during this conversation that Ackles had asked Kripke what he was working on. The casting of Soldier Boy was then broached and Kripke sent over audition pages. Once Ackles read them, he was immediately enthralled. Kripke said, “Within a week he was booked, but it wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t just randomly called. I hadn’t talked to him in months.”

With The Boys season 3 still actively filming, the showrunner couldn’t wait to show off Jensen Ackles in costume as Soldier Boy. Take a look.

jensen ackles the boys season 3

While the new costume diverges from what fans have seen in the comics, giving the cast a superhero clad in green, the look is more modern and retains elements of the original costume. Overall, the team on The Boys season 3 is proud of the changes they’ve made.

Laurie Holden From The Walking Dead Cast in The Boys Season 3

laurie holden walking dead

The actress who played Andrea on The Walking Dead has now been cast as a superhero for the series. Laurie Holden will be playing Crimson Countess. The character is part of Payback, a group that is considered to be a parody of the Avengers. Her character is a parody of Scarlet Witch. The casting announcement was made during the production of The Boys season 3 when half the series had already been filmed, so it’s expected that she’ll be in a fair number of scenes but not a major player.

Season 3 Casting Rumors

The Boys season 3

The Ackles announcement, was announced and met with major excitement for The Boys season 3. He’s been sharing photos from the set and taking center stage in online speculation about what’s to come for the new season and his character, Soldier Boy.

Rumors about other actors cast have persisted and one juicy one includes The Walking Dead’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan). These rumors were only fueled (and maybe started) by Negan himself.

Of course, Kripke added fuel to the fire with his response to Morgan.

Looks like Morgan may be on a collision course with The Boys.

The Boys season 3

There also may be one more BIG addition to season 3, though this large member was introduced in season 2. Yes, we are talking about the large and in charge Love Sausage. If ya haven’t seen it, the recommendation from GFR is to check out episode six of season 2. Fair warning, you may want to back away from your TV set or whatever electronic device you’re watching The Boys on.


Negan The Walking Dead

With The Boys falling under the auspices of Supernatural creator Eric Kripke, many fans have assumed that more than a few notable cast members from that show will pop up in The Boys Season 3. A big one is Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who also has some superhero history from his role as The Comedian in Watchmen. When asked if he was up for a role in The Boys, here was his response:

That sounds pretty definitive as far as Morgan wanting a role. Calling out the showrunner in public almost makes it seem like they have already discussed the possibility behind the scenes. Seems like we could be looking forward to a Jeffrey Dean Morgan appearance in The Boys after this exchange. Will it be as soon as Season 3? While many had hoped that would be true, filming is underway with no announcements yet. We may have to hold out for season four on this one, but fans definitely aren’t letting go any time soon of their hopes for Morgan to appear.



Where do Kripke and company go in The Boys season 3? With Soldier Boy being introduced, you can expect to go backward. This means that the history of Vought will come into play. Trying not to give away too much if you haven’t yet seen all of season two, Homelander will have some scores to settle and Queen Maeve, well, things may not go as well for her in season three as they did in season two.

If seasons one and two gave us any hint of what The Boys season 3 may include, then you can damn well be sure there is plenty more gratuitous violence and depravity on the way. In a nutshell, The Boys tells the story of superheroes and what happens when power becomes too much to handle.


Eric Kripke, the shows creator, said this to Comic-Con: At Home via Syfy, “We just really try to be very character-forward in the show,” added Kripke. “I really think that’s the compass of getting this tone right. …The thesis of the show is, superheroes with power are inherently [still] people, and so they are prone to the types of challenges and potential corruption that happens when you get so much power and access…I don’t want you to agree with what these superheroes do, but I do want you to understand it.”

The show has done a brilliant job balancing the flaws and good deeds done. The Boys season 3 looks to be no different when it comes to jumping into characters old and new. Take, for instance, the introduction to new season 2-character Stormfront, who in the comic was a male character, changed for the series to a female character and portrayed by Aya Cash. When she first appeared, her character seemed to have things in order. But as the season progressed, the Nazi superhero began to show her darker side.

The Boys season 3

As Cash described her character, she also states how she “violently” does not see eye to eye with Stormfront’s take on society, “my job as an actor is to find the humanity and go to the ugly and gross parts in ourselves.” She also went on to praise Kripke, as he is the show’s head writer, for the fact that he’s been able to find the humanity in Stormfront while also being able to punish the superhero for her major dislike of humankind.

Recently, Aya Cash confirmed that she will not be in The Boys season 3. However, Kripke said that doesn’t mean she won’t return for future seasons. The writer’s room is apparently still discussing the possible future for her character, so we’ll see.


The first official trailer for The Boys Season 3 gave us an amazing look at what this season has in store. In a lot of ways, it looks like more of the same from this series which is about as R-rated as they get. This next set of stories appears to have a similar vibe. But one thing we saw from the trailer was that Karl Urban’s Billy Butcher could have given himself an upgrade. This actually would follow along somewhat with the original comic book in which The Boys don’t mind taking some Compound V when they know they’re about to throw down with some Supes. Check it out:

Among other things, we get Billy with the glowing eyes that suggest he’s now a little more than human. This would mean he could stand up against the likes of Homelander now if it ever came to that.

And The Boys Season 3 trailer gives us nearly everything else in between. We get first real looks at Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy and Laurie Holden as the Crimson Countess. Plus there are dance numbers, toilet stall coupling, Supe-inspired sex toys, The Deep wanting to get it on with an Octopus, and a whole lot (and I mean *a lot*) more.

If The Boys and Butcher have truly leveled the playing field then this could be the most exciting season to date. It is really shaping up that way from the looks of things.