The Walking Dead’s Laurie Holden Is Playing A Superhero

The Walking Dead star has an exciting new role as a superhero.

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Early on in The Walking Dead, it seemed like Andrea (played by Laurie Holden) wanted to be a superhero. A former civil rights lawyer, she jumped into the fight against the Walkers and never shied away from sharing her thoughts on what the group should do next in their fight for survival. Now, Laurie Holden has found a new opportunity to play a superhero on the dark comedy, The Boys, joining its third season on Amazon Prime Video.

The Boys is a comic book adaptation, just like The Walking Dead. It’s also a surprisingly dark series, that shocks fans regularly, so the two major projects have a lot in common, though they’re still very different. Laurie Holden will be playing Crimson Countess. She’s a superhero in the Payback group, a parody of the Avengers. Crimson Countess is a parody of Scarlet Witch. Those who have been following production updates for the third season may be surprised by the recent casting of The Walking Dead’s Laurie Holden. The Boys is actually said to be more than halfway through filming. We’ve even seen updates with marketing materials. Jensen Ackles joined the third season in a major role as Soldier Boy, and following many demands to see him in costume, official photos were shared.

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Just now casting the former The Walking Dead star as Crimson Countess feels surprising, but it would also make sense if The Boys has scheduled filming with COVID restrictions in mind. As new actors come on to the set, they have to go into quarantine first. They are being more mindful then about grouping scenes so that individual actors are needed to be quarantined on set for shorter periods of time to minimize the risk of a COVID case on set stopping production.

On The Walking Dead, Laurie Holden’s character dies in the third season. While there’s no telling what will happen to Crimson Countess during season three, especially since adaptations don’t always follow the material they’re adapting, it does seem likely that on the violent and shocking series where Laurie Holden will be playing one of the heroes, she may again be seeing a season three demise.

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The showrunner for The Boys is Eric Kripke, who created Supernatural and was the showrunner for the first five seasons, where he worked with stars Jensen Ackles (now part of The Boys) and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who has loudly and publicly made known that he would like to join The Boys, hopefully in the third season. Jeffrey Dean Morgan also stars on The Walking Dead, as Negan. While it seems like the third season isn’t happening for Jeffrey Dean Morgan, there remains hope that he’ll join the show in the future.

Andrea was a controversial character on The Walking Dead, especially after taking up with the governor during the third season. Since leaving the show, Laurie Holden has been part of Dumb and Dumber To, The Americans, and Proven Innocent. Prior to that, she had a major part in The Shield. Even with all these parts, she’s still most well known by fans of the zombie series.