See Jensen Ackles As Soldier Boy In The Boys Season 3

Get your first surprising look at Jensen Ackles in The Boys Season 3.

By Hayden Mears | Published

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The Boys proved a massive success for Amazon Prime Video. Brutal and unrelenting in its exploration of superheroes as corporate puppets, the wildly popular series makes good on its inherent promise to get viewers thinking and entertain the heck out of them in the process. Now, to sweeten things even further, a beloved Supernatural star is joining the cast for the show’s third season, and fans have even more reason to get excited. And yes, it is Jensen Ackles.

Here’s a recent tweet from The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke, who is proudly helping Jensen Ackles show off his new look as a mentioned-but-not-seen superhero.

Jensen Ackles will be portraying Soldier Boy, a member of the superhero group Payback who possesses enhanced strength and speed and uses a shield as a melee weapon. People who are familiar with The Boys comic series will likely be extremely excited to get a glimpse of Ackles as the hero, and for good reason. He helped elevate Supernatural to heights that may not have been reachable without him, which undoubtedly inspired Eric Kripke – who actually created Supernatural – to include him in this new high-profile project. The point? Spotlighting Jensen Ackles is always a great idea, and it looks like the show knows that and wants to capitalize on it in a really fun way. It will be fascinating to see which aspects of the character they end up keeping and which ones they tweak to better fit the show’s feel.

The first two seasons of The Boys achieved widespread acclaim for their thematic depth, sharp writing, and unflinching commitment to adding something new to a crowded genre. It delivered all three with aplomb. The first season first hit home screens in 2019, with its second season following in September 2020. And as the series got going, one of the best aspects of it all was that few-if any- of the main cast members were household names. And most of them still aren’t. Sure, their faces are instantly recognizable at this point, but ask a casual fan who plays Homelander or Stormfront and they likely would not know. Not yet, at least. Viewers were introduced to fresh talent, talent that could carry a show without needing a big-timer to step in and help. Now, with Jensen Ackles thrown into the mix, the show can only improve even further. That alone is incredibly exciting, and this new season cannot come soon enough.

Jensen Ackles has quite a few hotly anticipated projects set for release this year. Up next, though, is his voice role as Batman/Bruce Wayne in the upcoming Batman: The Long Halloween: Part One animated movie. That will be available on digital and Blu-Ray on June 22.

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The third season of The Boys does not currently have a release date, although the show’s official Twitter account did tease that an announcement may be on the horizon. It’s a safe bet that the upcoming season will premiere either in the late summer or, at the very latest, early fall. Either way, though, we are just excited to see Jensen Ackles in action.