Chris Pratt Is A Furious Navy SEAL In First Look At New Series

By Britta DeVore | 3 months ago

chris pratt

Chris Pratt means business in a first look photo for his upcoming Amazon Prime Video series, The Terminal List. The actor leads in the military based show which will launch all eight episodes at once to the network on July 1. While this project looks to be a bit darker than Pratt’s other action based works, we can’t wait to see him as the tough as nails Navy SEAL.

Earpiece in position, the image reveals a snarling but determined Chris Pratt making his way through a rainy scene. Sporting a stubble covered face and a bruise on his left cheek, these clues tell us that Pratt may have been in this area for a while and taken a few hits while there. Portraying his Navy SEAL character, the actor is dressed in an army issued black baseball cap with a black shirt and bullet proof vest strapped to his chest. While we can’t see who is behind him, it definitely looks like Pratt’s character is dragging someone along.

chris pratt

Based on the military thriller of the same name by Jack Carr, The Terminal List will tell the story of dedicated Navy SEAL, James Reece (Chris Pratt). Happy to serve the country he loves, things get deadly when Reece and his squad are sent on a high-risk operation. While in the midst of their expedition, the team is ambushed by opposing forces. What unfolds following the surprise attack is a total knock down drag out battle for life, with both sides hoping to come out on top. Finally winning the skirmish, Reece and his troops are able to head home to their families. Thrilled to be safely back in the arms of his loved ones, Reece’s mental health begins to decline as he grapples with questions surrounding the operation. As he starts to poke holes in the orders given by his superior officers, the Navy SEAL discovers that things run deeper than he initially imagined and threaten not only his life, but also the lives of all of those he holds dear. 

A man who wears many hats, Chris Pratt will also serve the series as an executive producer. The rest of the executive production team will be made up of author Jack Carr, Jon Schumacher, Antoine Fuqua, as well as Daniel Shattuck and David DiGilio, who co-penned the series. DiGilio also serves as showrunner. Pulling the ensemble cast surrounding Chris Pratt together will be Constance Wu, Taylor Kitsch, Riley Keough, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Arlo Mertz, Jai Courtney, JD Pardo, Patrick Schwarzenegger, LaMonica Garrett, Stephen Bishop, Sean Gunn, Tyner Rushing, Jared Shaw, Christina Vidal, Nick Chinlund, Matthew Rauch, Warren Kole, and Alexis Louder. 

With a full plate of titles on the way, Chris Pratt’s schedule is getting more stacked by the day. Not only does the actor have two highly anticipated follow up films on the way with Jurassic World Dominion and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, but it has also been recently announced that he will lend his voice to the role of everyone’s favorite lasagna eating cat, Garfield, in an upcoming animated feature. Moving further into the cartoon world, the actor’s vocal stylings will again be used in the starring role of Mario in an upcoming adaptation of Nintendo’s video game. With such a packed dockett, Chris Pratt fans have much to look forward to in the upcoming years.