Pacific Rim Trailer Ramps Up The Action Even Further

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

The marketing campaign for Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim has been both relentless and entertaining. We’ve seen blueprints and recruiting posters. We’ve seen a cleanup crew mopping up the aftermath of a vicious battle between one of the Jaeger mechs and the enormous Kaiju monsters. Hell, we’ve even seen a big old pile of Kaiju poop. But honestly? They could have saved some money and just released the last few Pacific Rim trailers and I would have been totally sold. Check out the new one up above, and try not to drool.

This latest trailer gives us more of the same stuff we saw in the previous trailer, but since that stuff is giant mechs punching monsters in the face, we’re okay with that. The money shot is still the bit where the Jaeger uses a boat as a bat and goes to town on a Kaiju Casino style, but there’s still plenty of new footage in here as well.

There’s no question Pacific Rim is going to be jaw-dropping from a visual and action standpoint, and del Toro can damn well do no wrong. So now it’s just a question if the movie’s script can live up to its potential. Since del Toro co-wrote it with Travis Beacham, who wrote one of the best so-far-unproduced scripts I’ve ever read, I’m pretty confident in this one.

Pacific Rim fights its way into theaters on July 12th.

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